Silmarillion Awards 2017 - Stangest Character Award Presentation

July 21, 2017

   And .. it's finally time! The votes have been tallied, the forms have been closed, and all loose ends have been tied. Now it's time to reveal to you the illustrious winner of the Strangest Character Silmaril - but I won't be the one presenting it! So I'll go ahead and put this shindig into the capable hands of the just-as-illustrious presenter of the Strangest Character Silmaril award! (and if you haven't read the Lord Of The Rings books, you won't know the character presenting the award - but he's quite delightful, so I'd advise that you do read them!)  

   *and the curtain goes up*

   Hey dol! merry dol! Can you hear me singing?.
   Here's Tom Bombadil, Silmaril a-bringing.
   Hey dol! merry dol! Come and follow me.
   Here's Tom Bombadil, the winner off to see.

   But first we have a stop to make, a friend we shall be meeting
   He shall have to go with us, the winner to be greeting!
   "Hoy there, Puddleglum! I see that you've been fishing.
   Have you caught anything - or are you only wishing?"

   A strange, skinny creature - with thin hair, a pointy hat, and an expression that would make one think the world had just ended - was sitting on the riverbank, dangling a rather decrepit fishing pole into the water. He looked over his shoulder when he heard Tom Bombadil, and his expression fell even further (if that were at all possible, which indeed it was. Marsh-Wiggles are not known to be particularly joyful creatures.). Puddleglum stood up and looked suspiciously at Tom. 

   "Oh, you're back, aren't you? I always thought you would be - come to tell me that there was some mistake in giving me a Silmaril Award last year, I suppose? Took you long enough to figure that out. But here, I've always carried it with me ... you might as take it now, I don't have time to waste when the clouds are rolling in-"  

   "Not at all, my wiggly friend, that's not what I'm wanting!
   That Silmaril is your's to keep, forever to be flaunting!
   I'm here to bring you along with me, a friend we shall be seeing
   But you're right, no time to waste, so we really should be fleeing!"

   Puddleglum began to voice his worry about "fleeing" ("I'm not done recovering from my last adventure - but the other Marsh Wiggles said it made me less cheerful, so I suppose there may be some good in adventures after all, though we'll all die along the way, I shouldn't wonder..."), but it was a little late for that. For then world blurs, and suddenly Tom and Puddleglum are standing in a forest, and a long table is in front of them. Tom spreads his arms wide and smiles. 

   "Now let the song begin! Let us sing together,
   Of characters and Silmarils, and other things that flatter
   Readers all, I present to you your winner, The Mad Hatter!"  

   The three inhabitants at the table start, and one jumps up, holding a tea cup in his hand. Tea sloshes over the side, but he doesn't seem to notice. "An award for me?!" he cried, "What day of the month is it? No matter! We're prepared for visitors any day, especially any that come with awards attached!" while the March Hare shouted, "No room, no room!" as Puddleglum slumped at the far end of the table.
   "Oh, I see," the Marsh-Wiggle glumly said, digging around in his pocket for his own Silmaril award. "You've found another strange character to replace me, I shouldn't wonder. The other Marsh Wiggles always told me it would happen - they said I was too optimistic about the whole thing. Here, you might as well take it now ..." 

   "Now, now, my gloomy friend, your Silmaril's for keeping!
   And as for you, my Hatter friend - for joy you should be leaping!
   The readers have voted for you, of their own accord,
   So for being the strangest character, I present you this award!" 

   The Mad Hatter picked it up and squinted one eye shut, cocking his head as he looks at it suspiciously. "What's this strange writing on it?" he asked, while the sleepy dormouse inquires if it can be eaten. "Does it explain why a raven is like a writing desk? I haven't the slightest idea."    
   "A raven isn't like a writing desk," Puddleglum said, shaking his head while looking at the dried crust of old tea on one of the tea cups. "I don't think you understand-" 
   "Why, it isn't very POLITE to contradict your hosts!" the Mad Hatter declared, waving his Silmaril in the air. "And as you're sitting at our table, drinking our tea - which is quite cold, seeing as it was yesterday's - that would be us! Now, someone explain all of these to me. It's six o' clock, far to late for deep thinking! Why is a raven like a writing desk?" No one answered, and the Hatter shook his head. "Bother it all, I suppose I'll have to ask Time himself when I see him next. We're well acquainted you know, even though he has rudely left me at six o' clock for the last who-knows-how-long!" 
   Suddenly standing and raising his Silmaril high above his head, the Hatter cried, "I want a clean cup, let's all move one place over!" 
   And with a leap and a bound, the Hatter, the Hare, and the Dormouse scampered to new seats, peering into their new cups of tea to see how full they were. The Hatter's was the only full one left at the table, and he grinned madly as he raised it. "Won't you stay around for tea, award-bringer and sulky one? We'd love to invite you, but there's no more tea!" 
   "So there's also no more room!" chorused the March Hare and the dormouse, as the March Hare hopped over and grabbed Puddleglum by the arm, dragging him away from the platter of cookies he had been eyeing.  
   "No more room? I think there is! But we really should be going -
   We must now be trotting along, like the river flowing!
   Many happiness's to you, my dear Hatter Mad!
   That you have won the Silmaril, I certainly am glad!"

   Tom bowed to the Hatter, and Puddleglum waved, and then the Hatter and the Hare fell to bickering over whether or not the Silmaril could be used as a tea-tray.

   The world blurs, and Puddgleum is gone. Tom stands alone on a stage, beaming quite benignly. 
   "Well, readers many - all of you we have to thank!
   For giving the Mad Hatter this very impressive rank!
   So honored I was to present this award to the one you chose.
   What fun it was to help you all! But the curtain must now ... close."

   ... and the curtain falls. 

  *applause* Congratulations to the Mad Hatter! Who was surprised that he won? (he took over the votes by a landslide, and I kind of expected it - he has the word MAD in his name, after all xD) I hope you all had an amazing time traipsing around with Tom and Puddleglum and visiting the Mad Hatter - I certainly did!

   And with this post, my time hosting the Silmarillion Awards 2017 has ended - but don't forget to visit the rest of the blogs who haven't presented their awards yet! It's going to be a ton of fun, and you don't want to miss it ;).
   Happy Silmarillion Awards 2017, everyone!

~ Savannah Grace

   I hope y'all had fun during the award presentation, my friends! Did any of you guess that the Mad Hatter would win?

July Book Haul Vlog

July 17, 2017

   'Tis the middle of a hot, hot summer, so I'm doing what bookdragons do best - burrowing beneath an invincible fortress of books and reading to my heart's content (you can join me in the fortress, but only if you contribute books - we'll turn it into the great Winter Library, where we never have to melt xD). Which means that I've also been buying a lot of books to add to said fortress. 

   Want to see the latest additions?

July Book Haul Vlog - Post Header Image (Unraveling by Sara Ella in front of a bookshelf)

   Some of you guys said you wanted to see me do a book haul, so here we are! My apologies that the color and quality of the video aren't quite up to par (*cough* and for the fact that the bookshelf behind me is a mess, I'm working on reorganizing my books *cough*), Ariel and I were having some technical issues - just pretend to ignore it xD. Onto the book haul vlog!

   And ... well, I don't mention it in the video, but I just got some more books (wherever shall I put them all *winces*). Perhaps there's another book haul vlog in the future? xD

   I hope you guys enjoyed that! It was so much fun to tape. And do tell me down in the comments if a book review in vlog form would be fun for y'all, because I think it would be highly amusing to do!

~ Savannah Grace 

   What have been your latest book findings? Are you hiding from the summer heat? Which of these books should I review (and should I do it in vlog form?)? 

Of Cookies And Books - A Very Tasty Tag

July 14, 2017

   Hey, all! Been awhile since I did a post that didn't have to deal with the Silmarillion Awards, huh? (last day to vote for your favorite character, by the way!) xD

   But I'm here today to talk to all of you about the beautiful books that I've been reading lately! The wonderful Mary from Sunshine And Scribblings tagged me for 'A Cookie Book Tag' - and since it's incredibly hard for me to pick favorites when it comes to books, I decided that the books I can use as answers for this tag must be books that I read in the past month or so. So you guys also get a peek at what I've been reading lately! (and I just bought a good load of books recently, so maybe I should do a book haul vlog and show you those, too? We shall see ;))  

   - Chocolate Chip - A Book That Never Gets Old -

   Oh, wow - I've read SO MANY books that I'm certain will never get old. But I'd have to say that most of Diana Wynne Jones' books refuse to get old. Especially House Of Many Ways (and Howl's Moving Castle, but since I didn't read that this month, I can't technically include it). And I've kind of started the tradition of reading House Of Many Ways outside on or near the 4th of July, so reading it will probably always remind me of the sound and smell of fireworks, and the feeling of warm ground underneath my feet. Lots of fun <3

   - Dutch Snowballs - A Book That Gave You An Unexpected Surprise - 

   A good surprise or a bad surprise? There's been tons of books that have thrown curveballs that have me making strange shrieking noises and wanting to throw the book at the wall because HOW COULD THE AUTHOR BE SO CRUEL - and then there's the same amount of book that make me want to leap around the house whilst making strange happy shrieking noises because HOW COULD THE AUTHOR BE SO CLEVER?

   Let's go with the 'clever' surprise for now xD. I'm picking The False Prince - which I just finished a couple of days ago. Actually, Mary answered this question when she did the tag with this same book, and that's why I read it! xD Good gracious, this book was so incredible. I didn't expect it to be that wonderful! I loved the main character, and the 'unexpected surprise' was SO CLEVER.     

   - Molasses - A Book With A Character That Gets Into A Sticky Situation - 

   ... don't all characters get into sticky situations? What's the point of a book if the characters aren't all in a sticky situation? That would be slightly boring xD

   The main character in The Maze Runner - Thomas - comes into the story without any memory of who he is, and he's thrust into a rough, dangerous world that he has to try and survive in. And solve. If that isn't sticky, I don't know what is. So I guess The Maze Runner wins for having the character that gets into the stickiest situation. 

   - Oreo - A Book Dealing With Light And Darkness - 

   I just finished reading this book and OH MY.  I (finally) picked it up when I saw the prologue for the second book in the series - Unraveling - on Shantelle's book blog. and I NEEDED IT. So I scrambled over to my library and grabbed Unblemished as fast as I could. And, sorry to say, I almost decided to put it down and be done with it roughly before the halfway point. But for some reason (probably because I didn't currently have any other new books to read) I kept going. And GOOD GRACIOUS, I am incredibly, incredibly happy that I did! Right past the halfway point was when it finally clicked with me, and then I couldn't put it down! I'd rave more (because you spec. fiction lovers need this book in your lives), but I'll wait for my monthly recap for that xD. 

   - Sugar - A Book With A Sugary Sweet Villain - 

   Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix. No doubts. Umbridge is one of the worst villains in fiction. I hated her so much that this is probably the book that I've come closest to chucking at the wall. Umbridge is a bad piece of work, okay? My word, Umbridge is definitely one of the villains that I hate the most. She's as sugary, sickly-sweet as you can get, and yet she's so evil. Blech.  

   - Monster - A Book That Confused Your Emotions - 

   The Warden And The Wolf King, no doubt about it. I could have answered almost ALL of the other questions with this book, but it seemed to fit pretty good right about here. I tried to pick a book that smashed my emotions together and then boiled them slowly on the front burner and then stuck them in the oven to cook for awhile and then RETURNED THEM TO ME INSIDE OF A PIE. Thus, I did not know what to do, and was very confused.
   That was this book.
   Oh, my gracious - I had to lay in a small ball on the couch and wonder what on earth to do with myself after finishing this book. I've read a ton of books that do that to me, and this was one of the best of them. I love books that confuse me emotions, if you can't tell xD.     

   - Peanut Butter - A Book With A Nutty Character - 

   Heartless! It's a retelling of The Queen Of Hearts from Alice In Wonderland, for crying out loud! Everyone is nutty. I don't think I could even pick one character that's the most nutty - they're all just so quirky and fun! But I guess that's what you get when someone throws a bunch of re-told Wonderland characters together xD.

   I tag ... anyone who's eaten a cookie during July! (and if you haven't eaten a cookie during July, then that's SAD xD) And pop on over to Mary's take on the Cookie Book Tag, because I omitted one of the questions, mostly because I've never read a book that's made me laugh out loud (again, SAD xD)!

   Also, if I managed to pile any of these books onto your TBR ... I'm probably not sorry xD.

~ Savannah Grace

   What's a book that you've read with an clever-and-unexpected surprise? Should I do a book haul vlog? 

Silmarillion Awards 2017 - Strangest Character Voting

July 10, 2017

   The nominations round for the Strangest Character Silmarillion Awards have ended! The dozens and dozens of nominations and seconds have been tallied, and now it's time to bring you the top five strange characters that will be moving onto the voting round.


   The top five strange characters are ...

- Peet from The Wingfeather Saga -

   Peet is a peculiar character who wears socks on his hands (earning him the title Peet the Sock Man) with the habit of turning random somersaults and cartwheels - and he lives in his own wooden castle in the trees, complete with rope bridges and ladders. And Peet's quirky way of mixing up his words when he speaks definitely helps earn him the definition of "strange character" ... 

   "Worried? Not at all, young Wingiby." He pointed through the nearest window and the children could see three nearby trees whose branches were charred and leafless in places. "I've burned down my castle three times before, and I've always survived. I'm not borried a wit. Worried a bit." He went back to stirring the pot. "But this time I figured out the problem, see, problem, see, problem, see," he sang with a wink. "Rocks. See these rocks? They don't catch fire. Nope." He coughed and for the first time noticed the smoke filling the room. "Eeep!" he cried. He tugged a piece of twine that dangled from the chimney tube, and smoke slowly cleared. "Open the flue, open the flue, open the flue for me and for you." 
   Janner began to rethink his opinion of Peet. He was as crazy as a moonbird.
  - On The Edge Of The Dark Sea Of Darkness by Andrew Peterson -

   - Winter from The Lunar Chronicles -

   The stepdaughter of Queen Levana, Princess Winter can see her castle's walls dripping blood when no one else can - among other things. But while seeing strange things scares her, Winter isn't about to let it crush her feisty, peppy personality. Not only is she one of the strangest characters in the series, Princess Winter is definitely one of the strongest!     

   ... I'd share a quote from the book this lovely, quirky character is from, but - would you believe it? - I don't own this book yet! And it's a shame, considering how much I love it xD.

   - Calcifer from Howl's Moving Castle -

   Calcifer is a fire demon that lives in the fireplace of one Moving Castle with the wizard of Ingary, Howl Pendragon. Calficer is gruff, grumpy, and hiding a softer heart than you'd think. This tear-drop shaped fire demon is the one controlling the goings and comings of the Moving Castle, and Calcifer will do a lot of things for Howl and the people in Howl's care. But one of the things that this oddity of a character shall hate - no matter who the person is - is bending his head to be cooked upon ...  

   "Now, Calcifer," she said, "let's have no more nonsense. Bend down your head."    
   "You can't make me!" crackled the fire demon. 
   "Oh, yes I can!" Sophie crackled back, with the ferocity that had often stopped both her sisters in mid-fight. "If you don't, I shall pour water on you and take away both your logs," she added, as she got herself creakingly onto her knees by the hearth. There she whispered. "Or I can go back on our bargain, or tell Howl about it, can't I?" 
   "Oh, curses!" Calcifer spat. "Why did you let her in here, Michael?" Sulkily he bent his blue face forward until all that could be seen of him was a ring of curly green flames dancing on the logs. 
   "Thank you," Sophie said, and slapped the heavy pan onto the green ring to make sure Calcifer did not suddenly rise up again. 
   "I hope your bacon burns," Calcifer said, muffled under the pan. 

- Howl's Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones -

 - Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter -

   Luna Lovegood - known to a lot of her classmates as Loony Lovegood (but don't tell her that) - is one of the strangest (and most loved!) characters in the Harry Potter series. Almost always optimistic, very good at telling "uncomfortable truths", and with the habit of wandering dreamily about and forgetting why she is where she is, Luna has the great tendency to believe in creatures no one else has seen. And the first look that we readers get of Luna already shows us that's she's quite a oddity ...  

   The girl beside the window looked up. She had straggly, waist-length, dirty-blond hair, very pale eyebrows, and protuberant eyes that gave her a permanently surprised look. Harry knew at once why Neville had chosen to pass this compartment by. The girl gave off an aura of distinct dottiness. Perhaps it was the fact that she stuck her wand behind her left ear for safekeeping, or that she had chosen to wear a necklace of butterbeer caps, or that she was reading a magazine upside down.

- Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix by J.K. Rowling - 

   - The Mad Hatter from Alice In Wonderland -

   One of the most well-remembered characters from Alice In Wonderland, the Mad Hatter had to be in the running for the Strangest Character award - he has the word "mad" in his name, after all! And mad he certainly is. The Mad Hatter, among other things, had talked to Time himself, and somehow managed to get himself stuck at six o' clock. But besides being remembered for the mad tea party that he's always throwing, that Mad Hatter was the one who made up quite a famous riddle ...   

   "It wasn't very civil of you to sit down without being invited," said the March Hare. 
   "I didn't know it was YOUR table," said Alice; "it's laid for a great more than three."
   "Your hair wants cutting," said the Hatter. He had been looking at Alice for some time with great curiosity, and this was his first speech. 
   "You should learn not to make personal remarks," Alice said with some severity; "it's very rude."
   The Hatter opened his eyes wide at this; but all he SAID was, "Why is a raven like a writing desk?"  

   - Alice's Adventures In Wonderland by Lewis Carroll -

   So. There they are! Now, it's up to all of you to vote (using the form below) on the one character that you think deserves to win this award! You only have four days to do so, so lose no time! (you can also vote for the characters from all the other Silmaril Award categories - Most Epic Hero, Most Mischievous Imp, etc. - in the same form ;))  

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   And you saw the form asking what the Silmarillion Awards Scavenger Hunt poem was, did you not? And yes indeed, we bloggers hosting the Silmaril Awards have another something special going on! You've probably seen it mentioned already; this scavenger hunt across the blogosphere for One Grand Prize To Rule Them All ...

   And to win it, you'll have to traipse across the ten blogs of us hosting the Silmarils and find the ten pieces of a poem. The piece to pick up here on Scattered Scribblings is "shining with inner, sacred fire' - click on the link to hop on over to the next blog to find another piece of the poem! (but I'm not the first stop on this scavenger hunt, and you need to have all the pieces in order to win - so I advise you hop on over to Adventure Awaits, the first blog in this chain, to start from the beginning!) You've no time to waste ;).   

~ Savannah Grace 

   One strange character to rule them all ... who do you think deserves to win the Strangest Character Silmaril?

Silmarillion Awards 2017 - Strangest Character Nominations

July 3, 2017

   The time has finally come! Perhaps someday I shall tarry in telling you exciting news, but it is not this day! May I present to you ...

   The Second Annual Silmarillion Awards! 

   If you were around last year for the Silmarillion Awards, you're (most likely) already flying down to the comments section to get started. But for those of you who're new to this, let me explain real quick.

   The Silmarillion Awards are an event put on my Jenelle Schmidt and DJ Edwardson to celebrate our favorite fantasy characters by having all of you guys nominate (and second, third, fourth, etc.) the best fantasy characters in literature to win one of ten Silmarillion Awards. And, seeing as this is an event for fantasy characters, the characters presenting the awards at the end will be the some of the best characters of all time - characters from the Hobbit and Lord Of The Rings. So I'm afraid that no Tolkien characters can be nominated, but everyone else (so long as they're a fantasy characters, and some exceptions may be made for characters from spec-fiction that is close enough to fantasy ;)) is fair game! And be sure to include the title of the book the character you nominate is from, so that everyone knows.

   So, you guys have a few days (the exact schedule for the Silmarillion Awards is at the bottom of this post) to nominate (and second, third, fourth, fifth, etc. - there's no limit to how many times a character can be seconded, and you can second as many as you'd like!) the best fantasy characters, and then the five that got seconded the most will move on to the voting round. (you can find more thorough rules about the Silmarillion Awards in this post by Jenelle

   And as you can obviously tell by the title of my post, this Silmaril Award is for the Strangest Character in fantasy. Last year's winner was Puddleglum from The Chronicles of Narnia, with characters like Luna Lovegood, Howl, and Calficer coming close :D. Which means that Puddleglum is the only non-Tolkien character that can't be nominated this year, seeing as he's already won one of these awards ;).
   Also, as something special to spice up the second Silmarillion Awards, there will be tons of giveaways running throughout it! (scroll down to see the one I'm running ;))

   So. Go rush down to the comments section to nominate your favorite strange, quirky character - and then scamper off to the other blogs hosting the Silmarillion Awards (links below) to nominate characters in other categories! (and enter ALL the giveaways, while you're at it xD).

   Go wild, my friends!


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   Participating Blogs In The Second Annual Silmarillion Awards

   Strangest Character Silmaril Award - Savannah @ Scattered Scribblings (you are here)  

~ Savannah Grace 

   Well, what are you waiting here for? Go! Nominate!

NOTE: the nominations are CLOSED now - the next phase of the Silmarillion Awards will be posted on the 10th!