Interview With Authoress Anika Joy

March 23, 2017

   So you really know my brain is fried when I misread the date on which I'm supposed to post for a blog tour. I feel like a terrible human bean, but I suppose it happens to the best of us. (why has my brain been fried, you ask? Because I've been all wrapped up in the Indie E-Con that's going on - go check it out! There's still two days left of it)

   Anyways - today I'm interviewing Anika Joy as part of the blog tour for her new book, Penny's New Beginning, a mermaid story geared towards ages 6-12. On to the interview that should have been posted yesterday ...

Savannah: When did you get the idea for this book?

Anika: I really loved the movie The Little Mermaid when I was 9, and I wanted to write something like that for my first story. I can't remember where I got the idea for the plot or the characters, but it was a while ago... :)
Savannah: How long did it take you to write the first draft?
Anika: Somewhere around 2 months. I was a slow writer back then (and I kinda still am). :P

Savannah: Why did you decide to self-publish?

Anika: I chose self publishing because I wanted to publish it fast and without a lot of hassle. I think it is a little bit easier. :D 

Savannah: What do you think are the pros and cons of self publishing?

Anika: Pros: You get to pick your own deadline, have everything in your control, and it's really independent.
Cons: It's very independent. You need to do everything yourself and figure things out yourself. It can get really hard to do.

Savannah: What do you hope to do with your writings from here? Do you plan to publish more books? 

Anika: Yes, I do plan to publish more books. I am in the middle of rewriting the MG book I wrote when I was 10, and I believe that I would like to send that in to a traditional publisher. I already have an agent in mind (Tess Emily Hall) and am so excited to finish editing this novella. :D

Savannah: Sounds awesome! I think it's really cool that you're already publishing when you're so young. It was fun to have you here! 


Can they save Utopia?

Nine-year-old Penny Hearting has just moved to Nassau with her family, and is completely convinced that a mermaid rescued her from drowning, but no one believes her. So, she takes matters into her own hands and goes on a search for the mermaid that rescued her.

Ten-year-old Emmy is the princess of Utopia, an underwater city populated by mermaids. But, when her evil aunt, Cassandra, takes the city from her father, the King, her only option is to seek help from the girl who she rescued from drowning.

When these two lives collide, can they and another friend save their homes from disaster?


   Anika Joy is a daughter, sister, and child of the one true King. She loves to write books, sing in choir, and bake treats for her family.  At the age of 4 she taught herself to read and wrote her first short story when she was 8. That story was later published in a kid’s magazine when she was 11, which sparked her dream of becoming a published author. She is now very happy to see that dream come true.
   Anika currently lives with her two sisters, two brothers, and parents in North Dakota, and feels very blessed to be awaiting the arrival of another little sister.


   Anika's book, Penny's New Beginning, is geared towards ages 6-12, so do go check it out if you have younger siblings that might enjoy it ;). I hope you guys enjoyed the interview! Sorry for neglecting my poor blog during this last week - I'll try to catch up :D.

~ Savannah Grace

    What do you think are the pros and cons of self vs. traditional publishing?