About Me

Hey there, friend!

It's strange how hard it is for a writer to describe oneself, but shall we give this a shot anyways?

I'm Savannah Grace, a Christian aspiring author. Incredibly quiet when you first meet me, but I'm known to get very loud if you can make me crawl out of my introverted shell. This ISTP loves her quiet comfort zone, but throw me together with some of my crazier friends and I've been known to do some wacky stuff. Especially if aforementioned 'wacky thing' would be good for story research xD.

On that note - I'm a writer, and I've been writing for about six or seven years. Speculative fiction is my favorite, and I love putting my thoughts on paper. But only while using a gel pen. I refuse to write without the aid of a gel pen or my trusty firetruck-red laptop.    

And be thee warned that I'm a geek. To say that I enjoy Harry Potter would be an understatement (Ravenclaw for the win), and I may or may not have once known how to write fluently in Sindarian. I'm happy to madly rave about anything related to any books, so long as I like the book in question! I inhale books like most people inhale oxygen.  

I also can't help staying up past midnight all the time. It would seem that ideas are nocturnal creatures, and I'm constantly being attacked by them. Thus the staying-up-late-ness. I'm either up fending them off or writing them down!  
[randomness]: I love pizza half to death. I could stay up all night, just reading. I want to learn to speak multiple languages. I am a homeschooled teen. My head will explode if I go too long without writing. Windy rides in the car with loud music blasting are the best. The night sky is beautiful. I wish I owned a horse (and if not a horse, then a wolf). Days covered in mist or fog are the best. And rain doesn't make a day gloomy.    

I've half a mind to put a sticker on myself that says 'if lost, return to Narnia', seeing as that's obviously where I'm from. But (until someone returns this poor lost girl to Narnia), I'm adventuring through this big wild world as best I can, and writing stories for the King while I do it <3. Want to join me for the ride?

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~ Savannah Grace