The (second) Q&A vlog - Part One

December 15, 2017

   And part one is a whopping fifteen minutes long. Whoops?

   ... I shall let the vlog speak for itself xD

The (second) Q&A vlog - Part One [post title image]

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   Have some hot chocolate if you made it through that whole thing. *hands it to you*   

   I hope y'all enjoyed Ariel and I's nonsensical ramblings! Let me know in the comments if I should drag Skylar into a video at some point ;). I'll be back with part two soon!

   Have an epic week, scribblers. <3

~ Savannah Grace 

   who's ready for Christmas? (ten days to go, y'all)
what's a song/album you've had on repeat lately?
who's going to see The Last Jedi?


  1. Girl, I have the same headphones from your header, except mine are purple.
    Polar Express rocks!!!
    Lol, I don't think I'd want to be my characters either. It would be too much pain. XD
    Have you read The Lunar Chronicles? Awesome retellings. Just avoid Fairest. Smuttiest book in the series. The others are pretty awesome. Marissa Meyer does great retellings.

    A nail polish post would be awesome. Honestly, my favorite brand is pure ice because the colors are awesome and easy to remove when you need to change it out. They last pretty well, too.

    Fight scenes are hard. I've had to look up YouTube videos on how to fight. XD

    Awesome vlog. Can't wait for the second part. <3


    1. Ha, twinning! *highfive*

      YES, THE LUNAR CHRONICLES. <3 <3 <3 I've read all of the main series, plus Stars Above, but I'm still on the fence about Fairest? I kinda want to read it, but yet everyone says it was terrible xD. So we'll see! Have you read any of Marissa's other books?

      I haven't tried Pure Ice yet, but NOW I MUST. My nail polish chips so fast xD.

      Seriously? I should do that - I'm hoping that Realm Makers (the writing conference I'm going to) has a fight workshop this year like they did last year, I think I'd learn a lot xD.

      Thank you muchly! The next part will be up in a couple days ;).

    2. Fairest had a lot of smut. I couldn't finish reading it. I tried reading Renegades, but there was a conflict of belief and then because I wrote a review, I got attacked on Goodreads. :p I have read Heartless though, and I LOVE THAT.

      It works really well.

      Those would probably be super helpful.

      Its up now, but I am going to watch it soon. :D

  2. This was such an awesome vlog, guys! I would love to see Skylar in one of your videos, and I never get enough of you guys. Can't wait for the second video!
    I've been staring at your bookcase and is that purple book (fourth book on the left, top shelf) called City of Masks-Stravaganza by Mary Hoffman, by any chance? I have that book and the cover and thickness look alike...xD Are there any books you recommend? I'm going to try to read a lot for Christmas break, but I'm having a hard time thinking of which ones to choose. Oh, and I am so ready for Christmas. It's like it's not even real that it's just ten days away.
    I put my characters through so much pain, but I know that the ending of their stories are somewhat happy, so I guess I wouldn't mind.
    Well, I've been listening to Flyleaf and Lacey Sturm a lot lately. A mix of their songs really, but I know that Flyleaf's song called Again has been on repeat for a while.
    Anyway, I can't wait for your second video, guys. I'm a little early, but Merry Christmas!! <3

    1. Haha, cool - I'll let Sky know that she has been requested to make an appearance! And no, the purple book is ... uhm ... *goes and checks my bookshelf* Forest Born, by Shannon Hale xD. I'll have to check out the book you mentioned though, because the title sounds really cool.

      Books I'd recommend, huh ... it depends on what genre you read? But if you let me know, I'll definitely give you a list of some of the cleaner books that I really like :D.

      Merry Christmas to you too, LHE! <3

    2. xD My sister read Mary Hoffman's book and she loved it, and I think you will too. I think there may be multiple books in the series...I'm not positive though. Do you recommend Forest Born? The title is intriguing.
      Thanks! I mostly read YA fiction and realistic fiction. :)
      Thank you! <3

  3. Okay, so I NEED to read Entwined. It sounds a m a z i n g. xD

    I enjoyed every 15 minutes of this - not to mention I was eating a bowl of pineapple Jello at the same time. :D Looking forward to part 2 of the vlog! You guys are so fun and cute, I just want to meet you in real life! ^.^

    1. It really is! Entwined isn't everyone's book, but I ADORED it. You'll have to let me know what you thought of it if you read it!

      Pineapple jello, YUM. Now you're making me hungry xD. I'm glad you enjoyed this, Lila! <3

  4. OMG!! I LOVED this vlog!!! Can't wait for part two!!


    1. Thank you, Savvy! So glad you enjoyed it! :D

  5. I love speaking Spanish, too! I’ve been learning it for four years and while reading it is just incredibly easy for me, it’s awkward to speak because everyone in my class speaks beautiful Spanish fluently while I just stutter every once in awhile. Doesn’t it get awkward sometimes??? xD


    And those book covers— ugh, just beautiful and all radiant light.

    xoxo Abigail Lennah | ups & downs

    1. I've only been learning Spanish for about four MONTHS, much less four years! It's so cool that you've been learning it that long *highfive*.

      ABSOLUTELY. It's Christmas music on repeat ALL DAY around these parts xD.

      Sometimes I buy books for the cover alone. I don't even care if its shallow xD. Thanks for commenting, Abigail! <3


    I love these vlogs. :) You and your family are hilarious.

    1. ISN'T IT JUST? I can't stop staring at it xD.

      Glad you enjoy them! I'll be putting the next one up in a couple days ;).

  7. I WAS SO EXCITED TO SEE THIS ON MY DASHBOARD. You should definitely drag Skylar into a video! And I loved how your mom popped in. Your family is the actual cutest! <3

    DAT FAIRYTALE BOOK. IT IS SO PRETTYYYY!!! And Entwined is my favorite fairytale retelling toooo! :D

    A nail polish post and things like that would be a lot of fun! I definitely wouldn't be opposed to that!

    Can't wait for the next vlog. These are so funnnn! You girls make me smile every single time!

    1. ACK, I WAS SO GLAD THAT IT MADE YOU EXCITED! And I'll do my best to get Sky into one of my vlogs sometime soon ;D.

      I KNOW - I love it so much! If you ever find yourself a copy of it, GET IT. It's gorgeous on the inside, too xD.

      Aw, thank you so much, Christine - I'm glad you enjoy our vlogs! <D

  8. HAHAHAHAAHAHA. xD This was so awesome. =P
    Jaidyn Elise<3

  9. You guys are so cute! Ariel, you're hilarious, but yeah, I love that book! :)
    And..... Savannah Grace just said she's not good at characters? Pardon me while I go bang my head on something in frustration! What even? Where's Cerulean when I need him??
    My favorite fairy tale retelling is definitely Killing Snow. <3
    You should definitely include Sky in the future! And I GOT TO SEE THE LAST JEDI YESTERDAY AND MY MIND IS STILL SPINNING BUT IT WAS SO GOOD.

    1. I AM HIDING FROM CERULEAN FOR THE REST OF EVER. Once I start on Killing Snow again, I'm not going to be able to stop - and Asher needs my attention right now! xD (but OH GRACIOUS, you're the bestest. I don't even know what to do with your epicness, girl <3 <3 <3)

      YOU DID? I'm absolutely going to be texting you about that soon ;D.

    2. True... Pity all the plot bunnies have to compete for your time. But seriously, do they know there's only 24 hours in a day??
      (I LOVE YA, GIRL. <3 <3)
      Yes, do! And then convince your sisters to watch them with you. =)

  10. Ahhhh!!! This was so great. I loved it xD and Hi Ariel!!! :P
    SPANISH IS SO AWESOME. We have a lot of Mexican friends so I know umpoko. (a little)
    You should totally do a post on nail polish, brand things, or whatever. XD And YES BRING SKYLAR AND MAKE HER PLAY HER VIOLIN. Please!!!!!!! Tell her that it'd make me so happy <3 <3

    1. Isn't it great? Ariel and I have such fun at our Spanish class, it's great :D. And I'll see if I can get a post up like that sometime soon!

      I'm hoping to get Sky into a vlog sometime in January/February - it's going to be fun! But we'll see what happens :D.

  11. EEEEELLLLFFFF. *ahem* I love Elf. XD

    NOT *THAT* MANY PEOPLE DIE IN KILLING SNOW??! O_O *iz scared now* Well, I guess I should've guessed from the title... XD

    GAH Entwined was SOOOO good! I LOVED it! I feel like I already know this, but have you read Illusionarium?

    This was so fun!! I can't wait for part two!! :D

    1. IT'S SO GOOD. I really enjoyed it - I can't believe it took my sisters and I so long to get to watching it xD.

      WELL ... it IS one of my books. My characters are fans of dying on me, it's rough xD. And YES, I've read Illusionarium! I can't decide which is my favorite, Illusionarium or Entwined, but they are both AMAZING, I love them! <3 <3 <3

  12. WERE YOU WEARING THE RING FROM LORD OF THE RINGS????? Maybe not... it just looked like it. :D

    I absolutely HAVE to answer your question about what song you've had on repeat lately, because I've literally been listening to the same band for over a year. Not necessarily the same song, because they have like five albums... yeah I know I'm crazy. The band is Theocracy, and their lyrics are amazing.

    I'm looking forward to part two of your vlog!

    1. Nope, just a plain bronze necklace, but I REALLY need to get myself a LotR ring! A necklace like that would be SO cool :D.

      Isn't it awesome to find a song that's so good you need to have it on repeat ALL. THE. TIME? I adore finding songs like that xD. I'll be putting up the second half of the vlog tomorrow!

  13. ACK I'd rather forget everyone bc then you all could reintroduce yrselves to me on your/my blog but if you forgot me *DISASTER*

    I'd be Asher Grey in your stories! XD so far at least *ahem* I mean you might do something really really bad to him later but it probably might be fun to be a tragic character?? Idk just saying ... we'll see how yr book goes lol

    The most repetitive phrase I use in writing is "and then she..." or "it was *time of day* when" ...

    Lol love yr vlogs <3

    -lisa @ inkwell


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