Highlights Of October 2017

October 29, 2017

   October was a month of very little reading, very little posting - but gigantic heaps of writing and editing, and time with extended family. So it was a good month. Want to hear more about it?

highlights of october 2017 [header image]


   School. School has been insane. I can't even. I'm going to die. Someone send reinforcements.

   But besides a Mt. Everest-sized pile of school, extended family spent a lot of time with us during the first half of November, and we had so much fun hanging out with them. Way more ice cream and pizza and Korean food was eaten than is good for anyone xD.

   Yeah ... even if I didn't keep track of too much that happened, life was good this month <3.

writer-ly things

   I don't even know how many words I wrote this month, but I'm guessing only 3,000. Why? Because I spent most of the month editing! Alpha readers (shout out to the epic Jane Maree, Hannah White, Hann Remraf, Hanna, Ellen, Ariel, and Skylar - you were all epic. <3) ran through it towards the end of this month, and I'm working on the really tough edits. I had hoped it wouldn't be this hard ... but really, is it ever easy? xD

   I switched what I'm writing for NaNoWriMo. Yeah, less than a week before it begins, I switch my project. Typical me. Ha. I planned on editing Asher Grey while also writing Killing Snow, but my brain decided that that would not compute. So turns out I'm going big-time #rebel for NaNo 2017, and I'm gonna write whatever I want. IF IT'S WRITING, IT COUNTS. There ya go. I'll keep you updated. (and here's my NaNo profile, if you want to stalk me)


october books collage

   The SADDEST little book-pile of ever, good gracious. Can you tell that school has been eating me alive? No? Carry on.

   - The Bone House by Stephen R. Lawhead. I was excited to read the second book in this series - I remember enjoying The Skin Map, even though it had been awhile since I'd read it - but ... The Bone House actually disappointing me a little? There were some parts of it that were pretty good, but the writing style just wasn't my thing. For someone who likes this style, it would probably be an amazing book, but it just wasn't my thing. So I'm giving it three stars.

   - The Fever Code by James Dashner. You guys know my thoughts on the Maze Runner trilogy - it wasn't the best by the end, and it was a little disappointing. But The Fever Code (that trilogy's prequel) got me hooked with its back cover blurb, so I decided to give it a shot. And guess what? I really liked it. It actually managed to make The Maze Runner a little better, so I'm giving it four stars.

   - The Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain. I've been wanting to try out some more classics, so - when I needed to pick a new book to read for school - I decided to give Huckleberry Finn a shot. And it actually wasn't bad! Huck was a great character, and I loved Tom (which means I'll have to go find a copy of Tom Sawyer, because I need more of his story xD), and the book was really fun. I don't know that I'd reread it, but as a just-once read, it was great. So it gets four stars.  





   Three posts.


   Okay, yes, this was disappointing - but I did post a book review on Pursue Magazine's website, AND a NaNoWriMo Prep post on Project Canvas, so technically I posted five times, which is perfectly normal for me. So I'm giving myself a pass this month :D. 

elsewhere online

   - Hannah White did an epic post on creating worlds that breath. (which was awesome, because I'm not the best at creating worlds. But I'm learning xD)


   - Audrey Caylin celebrated her one-year blogoversary! (and did a vlog!)

   - Katie Grace shared about the superhero novel that she's writing for NaNo, and does it not sound like the best thing ever? (she also posted about some of her new 2017 findings, which are epic, so check that out, too)  

   - Abigayle Claire's Martin Hospitality won some epic awards! I was so excited for Abi when I read about it <3.

ramblings to come

   Guess what November means?


   So I'll only be posting next month about as much as I did this month, BUT I'm just about finished reading The Scorpio Races, so the review for that is coming. And ... a very exciting post that has something to do with Asher Grey may or may not be coming in the next week. You didn't hear it from me ;).

~ Savannah Grace

are you doing NaNoWriMo? 
how was your October? let's chat!


  1. *pants* NANOWRIMO IS GOING TO BE SO MUCH FUUUUN. We must do a couple of word wars. *nodnod* I'm so excited. *flailing*

    O-O WHAT EXCITING POST ABOUT ASHER GREY??? *chokes* I love exciting things. I must knows.

    1. I KNOW. This will be the first time I've really been a NaNo Rebel, so I'M EXCITED. And yes yes yes, we absolutely need to word war. I shall crush you xD.

      Well, as you've already been an alpha, it PROBABLY won't be as exciting for you - but that's all I'm saying. Take all the guesses you want to xD.


      Pfft, I'll still be excited whatever the news is. XD

  2. No NaNoWriMo for me. Too stressful. And I'm hoping to take a little break near Thanksgiving and focus on spending time with my family. I'll probably still write anyway, though. #writerslife XD

    October was awesome. My wrap up is coming Wednesday. Sounds like you had an awesome month! :D


    1. Yeah, there's going to be a ton of family at my place Thanksgiving week, too - so we'll both we focusing on family time that week ;D. (and we just can't stop writing, can we? xD)

      I hope you have an epic November, Ivie! <3

  3. Uh oh...all these wrap-up posts means I need to write one. HOW DO MONTHS GO BY SO FAST LIKE WUUUUT.
    School and family, though. XD Your life sounds like my life right now. Woot, woot! Twinning with Sav! ;)

    1. Haha, yup, it's that time of the month again (somehow)! Glad that you've had epic month too, twin! *fistbump* xD

  4. Awesomeness. <3
    And YES hanging out with the fam was AWESOME. =)
    How was my October? Don't you know, sister? xD
    Thanks for posting!!! =D
    Jaidyn Elise<3

    1. Haha, YUP, I know exactly what your October was like - so much fun! xD
      You're welcome! <3

  5. I am so excited for NaNoWriMo!!!! I'm writing a brand-new novel for it, and on top of that challenge, I also have to finish up the second draft of my current WIP, because I promised my beta readers that they could read it over Christmas break. On my blog I've been doing a NaNoPrep series, and that has been SUPER fun to write.
    My October was pretty epic (aside from school, you know). I went to a writing conference and got to meet Jill Williamson there! The conference kind of gave me the burst of inspiration I needed to finish my WIP. But man, my writing calendar is PACKED for the next two months or so!

    1. YAY for brand-new novels! It's always good motivation to finish a draft when you know beta readers need it :D. And you've been writing a NaNo prep series? Cool, I'll have to check it out!

      WHAT, you got to meet Jill Williamson? That's so epic, I'm so glad you were able to do that! <3

  6. Ahhh, my blog has also been buried under piles of schoolwork. Junior year is the most fun so far, but also the most stressful. Best of luck with NaNo, girl! I can't wait to hear about whatever comes out of it <3

    Ellie | On the Other Side of Reality

    1. Same here - I was determined not to get behind on schoolwork during my junior year ... but then my baby brother was born right at the beginning of the school year, so xD. BUT we shall conquer this school year! *fistbump*

  7. Don't let school kill you, Savannah! Nuuuu! We must keep you alive! *shakes fist at School* Stop being so rude to our, Savannah.

    That's interesting you liked The Fever Code. Thus far I've only read the first two Maze Runner books. I never get around to the others because...I'm just not liking these books. I've given them a chance but...meh. So that intrigues me you thought Fever Code was good. I may just have to push through and finish reading all of them!

    NANO. IS. ALMOST. HERE. *SCREEEEEEEAMS* (<--I have no idea if that's a scream of delight or terror. Knowing NaNo, probably both.) EEP. I can't believe it's so close! *flails around*

    And what is this about a post Asher Grey related?????? :O *waits in anticipation*

    1. I'M DOING MY BEST, but it is a very worthy foe xD.

      Yeah, it was kind of weird. I'd still consider the whole thing a 3.5 star series overall, but the prequel just made me a little less mad at it. So if you get to The Death Cure, definitely give The Fever Code a shot! (and then tell me what you think because I MUST KNOW)

      I'll be posting it SOON - so you don't have long to wait!

  8. I'm reading Tom Sawyer for school actually and his character is sort of slowly killing me but maybe he gets better later?? lol

    NANO REBELS UNITE *fistbump* Idek what I'm really doing. all I know is I'm using the month to focus on my current novel. so some sort of time goal?? ha hah hahaaa xP GOOD LUCK ON NANO, SAV <33

    1. *looks slantways at Tom Sawyer* Huh. I'll have to tell you what I think about it once I get my hands on it. Hopefully his character won't kill me, too xD.

      YES, GO US *returns fistbump*. Yeah, time goals are nice - I almost went with hours instead of words, but hitting 50 hours just wouldn't feel the same as hitting 50k words xD. SAME TO YOU, SARE <3.

  9. I don't know if I'm ready for NaNoWriMo, but I'm hoping it will all be fine. XD And then of course I love seeing everyone's NaNo blog posts. Excited to read yours!

    1. NaNo will be fine it's always fine NaNo will be fine it's always - no, I'm not stressed, why are you asking? xD

  10. YAY, I'm going NaNo rebel too! *high-fives* :D

    1. GO US *returns high-five*. Good luck, Madeline! <3


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