Monthly Highlights - July 2017

August 5, 2017

   Have I ever posted a 'Monthly Highlights' post late? Is this the first time I have missed the mark?! *cue gasps*

   Yeah, well, I'm late - sorry, but you can blame it on NaNo. Every problem can pretty much be blamed on NaNo xD.

   - The week of 4th was basically an epic shebang of relatives being here, TONS of noise, and lots of sitting-on-the-porch-until-the-moon-comes-up-while-watching-fireworks. Or we'd lay in the trampoline and watch colors explode in the sky. The whole week smelled like fireworks and was just really happy, so it was fun <3

   - Okay, so for how BUSY July was, I actually didn't do much? Nothing too far out of the norm? Stuff changed, but nothing super interesting. It was a good, hectic, awesome month.  

   - I wrote 22,158 words this July (all words went to my two Snow White novellas that I'm writing for the Rooglewood contest, but they're still being held under lock and key. Maybe I'll tell you more about them later this month xD), which is about 2k words over my Camp NaNoWriMo goal, so I'm pretty happy with it! Speaking of NaNo ...

   - July's Camp NaNoWriMo was insane. I was writing on and off for most the month (a crazy busy month, as there were some lifestyle changes and school changes and writing changes and UGH *passes out*), and then on the last day realized I + my cabin was really behind. So all of Cabin Mitchtam buckled down and churned out AN ENTIRE 80K WORDS in one day to get our cabin to victory. It was epic xD. Shout-out to Katie, Hannah, Gabriela, Athelas, Nadine, Katriona, Lydia, Emily, Faith, Tricia, Jeneca, Rosalie, and Stephanie for making it to their goals! Cabin Mitchtam rocked <3    

   And this happened, too -

   It was highly amusing xD.

   This was a so-so reading month for me, there were some EPIC reads, and then some not-as-good ones. But all in all, I'm happy with the reading status for July xD.

   - The Ascendance Trilogy by Jennifer A. Nielson. So, is it always the series that one puts off reading that one ends up loving the most? Because IT SEEMS THAT WAY. I knew about The Ascendance Trilogy for awhile, but decided that I had to read it when I saw Mary Horton mention it on her blog, and OH MY am I glad I picked it up! The main character, Sage, is now one of my top favorites. I'd rate each of the books in this series differently, but overall I'd give it a solid four stars.  

   - The Maze Runner Series by James Dashner. Uh ... so it went downhill. Maze Runner (the first book) was pretty good, Scorch Trials (the second) was okay, and Death Cure (basically the last book) was ... meh. I didn't really like the conclusion, and I couldn't really get attached to the book. Still, I'll probably give some of James Dashner's other books a try, because maybe his other series/books are better? We shall see! I'd give the different books in this series very varying star ratings, but I'd give the overall series a three stars.

   - Unblemished by Sara Ella. And yet again a book that I put off reading, but then ended up loving. I think the cover was a little princess-y for me, and that's why I never picked it up? Guess it just goes to show that you don't judge a book by its cover xD. The author has such a unique writing voice, and it was so easy and fun to read. And it's definitely worth mentioning that I randomly bought the newly-released second book in the series without reading it. I basically NEVER do that, but Unblemished was good to make me want to (plus ... the second book is super pretty ... hehe ...). But anyways - I give Unblemished a solid four stars!   

   - The Clockwork Three by Matthew J. Kirby. Oh my goodness, this book. *no words* I randomly picked it up when I found it secondhand (and I mentioned it in this book haul vlog), and I never imagined that it would be as incredibly good as it actually was. This book had three main POV characters, and normally in a book with only two POV characters, I get slightly tired of one, and I always want to be reading in the viewpoint of the other. But that almost never happened in The Clockwork Three - I loved all of the characters so much and I never got tired of being in the heads of any of them. It's one of the best MG books I've ever read, and it gets a glowing five stars from me!

   And then I did three posts for the #SilmAwards2017 - the nominations, the voting, and the award presentation

   -  The amazing Aimee Meester restarted her blog, and it looks epic.

   - The WhiteFire publishing house is looking for submissions, so definitely check that out if you have a finished manuscript!

   - Burning Youth posted one of the most gorgeous things I've seen on their blog.

   - A ton of cool posts went up on the 29th of July to celebrate the 63rd birthday of Lord Of The Rings, and you can find the links to those in Jenelle Schmidt's celebratory post.

   - Katie Emmons released her first book, The Blood Race, five days ago (!!!!), and her sister Abbiee did an epic post of reasons to read it.

   - Katie Grace did a post all about her WIP, Where Shadows Lie, a book which I must read stat.(she also did an awesome post on what she learned from the MYWW conference)

   Okay, also, super cool thing - THE BRIGHT EYES PODCAST WAS RELEASED. With all the hype, I'd be surprised if you haven't heard about it, but it is the most epic thing, and you need to go listen to it immediately. I can't stop obsessing over it. It's wonderful and slightly creepy in a sci-fi kind of way and I love it. <3 

   Well, August is definitely, 100% going to be the busiest month of this year - I won't be taking a hiatus, but I might be a little scarce around these here parts. xD I'm going to try and get a Camp NaNo wrap-up post done, and finish the How To Liven Up Your Character series (I would have done it in July, but I figured I should wait until August so I could put a little more time into the final post) - but other than that, who knows what's going to happen? (*cough* there's a rumor that I might be doing a post to ask y'all what I should do for my upcoming one-year blogoversary, but WE SHALL SEE *cough*) 

   Have en epic August, frens <3

~ Savannah Grace 

   Have you listened to Bright Eyes yet? What do you guys think I should do for my one-year blogoversary? What epic stuff did you guys do (or read!) in July?


  1. Whoo! Looks like you had a fun month! I may have to check out The Clockwork Three. Looks interesting, and I trust your recommendations :)

    1. DEFINITELY check it out! Funnily enough, it wasn't really spec. fiction, so it was a little surprising that I liked it so much :D. I'm so glad you trust my recommendations, Faith! <3

  2. CONGRATS ON YOUR CAMP NANO ACCOMPLISHMENTS!!!!!!! :D That's so awesome you wrote all those words amidst a busy month! AND how your cabin totally triumphed at the end there. SO COOL. I'm dyyyying to hear more about your Snow White stories but I understand if you want to keep it secret. I'll try to not pry too much. ;)

    I have GOT to read The Ascendance Trilogy! It sounds soooo good! And also The Clockwork Three apparently. o.o Okay yes, I need this book.
    I feel meh about The Maze Runner books myself. I haven't read The Death Cure yet, but the first two books just...didn't wow me. The characters were flat (and often infuriating), it seems like there were a LOT of plot holes, and the writing left much to be desired (waaay too much telling over showing). So...I don't know. I just don't get the hype. :-/

    THE BRIGHT EYES PODCAST. AAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!! IT'S SO GOOD. I've actually only listened to the first episode, I've yet to listen to episode 2, BUT I MUUUUST. BECAUSE WOW. SUCH CREEPY. SUCH EPICNESS.

    I hope you have an amazing August! I muchly look forward to the next How To Liven Up Your Character post. :D

    1. CHRISTINE. You muuuuust read The Ascendance Trilogy. I think you would love it! :D

    2. THANK YOU SO MUCH, Christine! It was a hard NaNo, but a REALLY epic one, too! *whispers* one of my two Snow White stories may or may not have something to do with seven living Mirrors, I'll tell you that much for now ;D.

      YOU DO NEED TO READ THEM - both of them! They were beautiful stories. And with the Ascendance Trilogy being such a big, hyped book when it first came out (multiple years ago), I was surprised that it was really clean! It was incredibly nice :D.

      If you weren't feeling the first two books, I would say that Death Cure isn't really worth it, unless you want a sense of closure on the series. All the stuff that should have punched me in the heart in Death Cure fell flat, so I couldn't enjoy it much. It was kind of disappointing, but the rest of this month's books well and fully made up for it!

      BRIGHT EYES, OH YES. And you NEED to listen to episode two, it gets TWICE AS GOOD in that episode! I LOVE IT SO MUCH, I'M HOOKED.

  3. OKAY BUT CAN I JUST FLAIL OVER THAT BLOG GRAPHIC?? I'm...a little in love with the blue beach umbrellas, haha.

    Wow, it *does* look like you had a busy month! I'm hugely impressed by your 22k accomplishment for NaNo. (And slightly jealous. 20k was my original goal. XD) AND WHAAAT YOUR CABIN IS SUPERHUMAN. Ours was only about 5% away from achieving our goal. *snaps fingers*


    Ooh, I've been meaning to read Unmblemished! My library has it so I might just check it out sometime. ;)

    I hope you have a fantaaaaastic August, Savvy! I know my presence is scarce around here...and every other blog *COUGH*...but I do love every post of yours that I read. :D

    1. AH, THANK YOU SO MUCH! *flails with you* That's one thing I'll miss after the summer months are gone - no more beach-y headers xD.

      Yeah, Ju told me about it, but you guys still did SO SO GOOD. *highfive*

      Sage was OVER half the reason when I kept reading the series - he's just the bestest character! xD

      Aw, thanks, Glitter Queen! I, too, am scarce everywhere, but perhaps the mighty queen can forgive the humble civilian for missing out on some many comments, because said humble civilian still reads EVERY post! xD

  4. YOU READ THE ASCENDANCE TRILOGY YESSS Sage is awesome! :D Unblemished is on my TBR - as is The Maze Runner, but it's disappointing to hear it's not as amazing as the hype would make out.
    Jem Jones

    1. And I'm SO SO GLAD that I finally did! :D I'd definitely recommend that you read Unblemished, it's amazing. <3

  5. Bright Eyes is so awesome!!!! It's beautiful and suspenseful and I am in love and want all the episodes ASAP.

    You read a lot this month AND participated in Camp NaNo??? Witchcraft.

    1. SAME. I want to know what happened to Milo (BADLY) and I want to know if Trish will do well as the Captain and just I WANT TO KNOW EVERYTHING. *flails*

  6. Fourth of July is an awesome holiday, isn't it? I love all the fireworks and summery activities. My family visited grandparents and cousins up in Michigan, which was a blast.

    ACK THERE ARE SO MANY BOOKS I NEED TO READ. The problem is money, as I am very thrifty and feel guilty after splurging on anything. xD I MUST JUST BUCKLE DOWN AND DO IT, because I definitely need some more awesomeness to read.

    CAMP NANO WAS SO EPIC. My favorite one so far. :D You guys were all incredible and absolutely crushed it! o.O

    Ooh, Unblemished was good, but like you said, the cover made me a bit tentative because it didn't really look like my thing. But my sister got it for me for my birthday last fall, and I read and enjoyed it, so I need to get the sequel. *nods*

    That moon thing is seriously the coolest ever. xD Talk about hilarious coincidences.

    1. YES, I always get excited when the last couple weeks of June roll around, because then the fireworks start up and that means the 4th is coming! And you guys went to Michigan? Ooh, that sounds SO cool - I'm glad you guys had fun!

      I rarely get my books full-price, either - which is why secondhand bookstores and thrift stores are epic. If I buy a book full price and brand new, then you KNOW I love it! xD And YES, Unraveling! It's still sitting on my bookshelf, waiting for me to read it, but I have to get through my giant stack of library books before I crack it open!

      Thanks for reading, Emily! <3

  7. Ahhh, yes. Nano was great :3 *wanders out to gaze at the moon dreamily* And DUDE DID YOU READ ALL 16 OF THOSE BOOKS??? THAT IS CRAZY. I cannot with you -/\- That's about how many I've read this /year/ *laughs sadly* *curls up in a ball and sobs* I don't read much lately?? But I want to??? BUT I JUST HAVEN'T FOUND ANY REALLY, REALLY GOOD BOOKS. If you liked Clockwork Three (one of my favorites which I also randomly found in a second hand bookstore GO FIGURE) and the Ascendence Trilogy, then I trust your bookish taste. I will now go and stalk your goodreads for new books. :P *a few minutes later* After realizing I haven't seen you on Goodreads, I decided to stalk my friend list (can you stalk yourself??) and I'M NOT YOUR FRIEND? Do you have a goodreads??? If not, I guess just message me book recommendations because I NEED YOUR ADVICE ON GOOD BOOKS TO READ. XP (do you like Gail Carson Levine? And/or Shannon Hale?)

    Lovely wrap-up, as always! <3

    1. YES I READ ALL SIXTEEN OF THEM. I CANNOT WITH ME, EITHER xD. (I actually just finished my 100th book for this year, so I MET MY GOAL EARLY *is still excited*).

      You like Clockwork Three and the Ascendance Trilogy too?! *all the highfives* Levine's books are so-so, I like some of her books and not the others. But SHANNON HALE'S <3. Hers are always so good. And I actually don't have Goodreads and IT SEEMS LIKE A TRADGEDY! I want to get one sometime soon, though, but I'm not entirely sure how it works? I might have to message you about that at some point - and throw wild and rabid book recommendations at you xD.

      Thanks, fren! <3

  8. YAYAYAY! Sounds like you had an awesomely productive month!

    1. It certainly was! Thanks for reading, Rachel! <3

  9. That is so awesome that you teamed up and wrote the 80k!! SO COOL! :D

    Ooh, I saw that post by Katie Grace about her novel! It looks SO. EPIC. I must have it to read it and love it. *nods*

    1. It just goes to show that writers can be DANGEROUS when they team up and decide to get something done xD. And YES WE DO, I can't wait until she's done with it!

  10. OKAY YOUR FIREWORKS PHOTOS ARE AMAZING. Congrats on all your writing! I was unable to participate in Camp, but I did make good progress on my main WIP and have a huge plotting breakthrough!

    OH MY GOSH YES THE CLOCKWORK THREE. It's one of my all-time favorite books ever as well. I LOVE ALL THE CHARACTERS AND IT'S SO ENGAGING AND INVENTIVE AND I JUST. AHHH. Hannah and Frederick are so wonderful. The epilogue made me tear up <3

    Ellie | On the Other Side of Reality

    1. THANK YOU! They're my sister's (Ariel's) pictures, actually - she's an incredible photographer! :D And I'm SO GLAD that you had a plotting breakthrough! *highfives* Go you, Ellie!

      YES, YES - I didn't expect to like the book so much (I don't normally read that genre) but OH MY <3 <3 <3. Now I need to go check out some of the author's other books! I hope they're just as wonderful :D.

      Thanks for reading, Ellie!

  11. LOOK WHO'S FINALLY COMMENTING ON YOUR BLOG! I've missed this beautiful place. *sniffs* AND YAY FOR OUR CABIN! Dude that goes done in one of my favorite memories. I can't wait until April comes so we can join together again in the craziness. :D


    Eee and I need to scurry over and watch your vlog! *nodnod*

    katie grace
    a writer's faith

    1. KATIE! *hugs* OH MY, YES - our cabin was AMAZING. I honestly wasn't sure we could do it, but apparently I WAY underestimated Cabin Mitchtam? xD WE ARE SUPERHEROES. I can't wait until April either! It's going to be epic, I'm already planning which story I'm going to write xD.

      THANK YOU SO MUCH, GIRL! I actually just read my 100th book for this year (Caraval by Stephanie Garber) and it was SO MUCH FUN when I went through my book list and realized there was a pretty little '100' at the bottom xD.

      I hope you have an epic August, Katie! <3

  12. It was Lotr's 63rd birthday?? LOL, that's crazy!!
    And girllll, only like 3 weeks until your baby bro is born! Eeekk, I'm soo very excited for y'all!!! <333


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