Beautiful People - The Author Writing Process Edition

July 29, 2017

   It's been MONTHS since I lasted joined the Beautiful People linkup - but gracious, have I missed it! So for this edition of BP, you guys get a peek at a very strange character. ... Me. This should be amusing xD.

Beautiful People - The Author Writing Process Edition [Header Image]

   How Do You Decide Which Project To Work On?

   The one that's shrieking the loudest. Or the one that survives my plot-bunny version of the Hunger Games.

   Seriously, though - I normally have a million and one projects on my writing desk at any given time. I decide which one/s to work on according to deadlines and inspiration. I'm currently working on my story(s) for the Rooglewood writing contest, but after I finish up with that, I'll be going back to Killing Snow (it's ... still not done. After almost a year and a half. But I AM hoping it will be the one that gets published, so I guess it's good that I'm taking my time? xD).

How Long Does It Normally Take You To Finish A Project?

 I have no idea. I think Time is a little confused when it comes to me. It shouldn't take me the same amount of Time to finish a novel and a novella. I don't even know anymore. (average time honestly depends on how serious I am about the project, though.) 

Do You Have Any Routines To Put You In A Writing Mood?

   Get the rest of my responsibilities out of the way so that, once I start writing, I DON'T NEED TO STOP. I can write in teeny little spats of time if I have to, but it's ten times easier to clear out an hour or so and tell myself that I'm going to write my brains out for that amount of time. And usually, after the half hour or so, I'm on a roll, and everything goes smoothly from there! (*cough*sortof*cough*) Grabbing some paper and a pen seems like it might be a good idea before I start writing, but I HAVE been known to write notes on my hand when no paper is around (it currently has grey ink-stains on it from when I was trying to figure out a character's name ...) xD. 

   What Time Of Day Do You Write Best?

   It depends (I'm so vague on my answers in this post. Someone help xD). I think that I write best in the evening, but sometimes my evenings are too busy for me to be able to write. Sometimes my entire 24 HOURS IN A DAY are too busy for me to write. So, honestly, my best time is any time I have time. xD

Clock And Time Picture

Are There Any Other Authors You Think You Have A Similar Style To?

   Oh, gracious. I'm still developing my writing voice! Plus, my voice tends to change to match the feel of the story (I feel like this is a terrible thing, but it's working for me right now?). Just compare the two short stories that I posted on here (10 'Till Midnight and The Testing), and I think you'll understand that a little bit. I honestly would feel super presumptuous trying to compare my writing voice to any author's ... so I'll skip this question, please and thank you xD.

Why Did You Start Writing, And Why Do You Keep Writing?

   I stared writing when I was around ten or eleven years old, mostly because I had stories in my head (and of course my very first stories were about girls and wizards and horses and dragons. Typical xD). And because writing is a good way to cope with life sometimes. I continue writing for the exact same reason - telling me not to write would be almost like telling me not to breath. Well, okay, that's slightly unrealistic. Telling me not to think like a storyteller would be exactly like telling me not to breath. Multiple times my family has laughed at me for getting 'this look' on my face when, all of a sudden, I run into a story idea. I am most definitely wired like a writer. There ain't no changing this.        

 What's The Hardest Thing You've Ever Written?

   Killing Snow. Without a doubt, Killing Snow - the entire novel. And I'm not even done with it yet! There's still so many more drafts that need to be written, and so much polishing that needs to be done. The scenes are rough and raw and messy, but they also feel so real to me. And while it's the hardest, it's also my favorite story that I've ever written. I can't wait until I can pen 'the end' on it for the last time (even though I'll probably cry once I do)!

Is There A Project You Want To Tackle Someday But You Don't Feel Ready Yet?

   Huh. I don't know? I mostly start writing my projects right when I think of them, whether it would be wiser to wait or not! The only things that I tend to put off are the ones I feel like I would need to research stuff for before I started xD.

   However, I would really love to do a retelling of a lesser-known story sometimes - maybe a myth (I'd love to do one on Thesus and the Minotaur someday, but I don't know the story well enough to randomly start on that). But it would also be cool to do a retelling of a dystopian Narnia - but I'm not even sure if that's allowed, so it would probably never happen. And I'd also really enjoy doing a backstory-type retelling for some classic characters, like how Heartless is a retelling of The Queen Of Hearts ...

   Okay, I gotta stop. The plot bunnies are piling high enough without me helping them xD. 

What Writing Goals Did You Make For 2017 And How Are They Going?

   Did I make any goals? *goldfish brain moment*

   Oh wait ... I wrote a whole post on that. Hehe.

   a) write the first draft of the novel Killing Snow. (I'm almost halfway there!)
   b) start on a brand new story. (I've started on ... too many brand new stories. Oops)
   c) bring one of my dead stories into existence again. (*ponders* Nope, don't think I did that. Oh well - I have enough new stories to deal with as it is!)
   d) participate in all three NaNoWriMo events. (Well, seeing as I'm in the middle of the second one, I'm doing pretty good!)
   e) enter some writing competitions. (I'm still working on my entry for the Rooglewood writing contest ;P)

   ... I think I'm doing pretty well? But we'll see how this list is looking at the end of the year! xD

Describe Your Writing Process In Three Words Or A Gif!  

   Pfft, one gif? That's like saying I have ONE EMOTION during the writing process. That's incorrect. I have three. These three ...

gif of Bilbo (I'm going on an adventure!)

gif of Loki (Destroy Everything)

gif of Tumnus (Why?)

   The last one occurs the most often. Go figure.

   So, there's my answers for the latest Beautiful People linkup! I hope it was interesting (and not too scary?) to have a peek into my writing world xD.

~ Savannah Grace 

   Why did you start writing, and why do you keep writing? What routines do you use to keep you in the writing mood?    


  1. Hi !!
    My best time to write is also whenever I have the time xD That's the best, of course hahah
    Why did I start writing? Humm, for the same reason everybody writes? Because it feels good and pure and powerful. Why do I keep writing? Because I want to be a published author someday and it's what i love <3

    1. "Because it feels good and pure and powerful" - and because the sound of a pen (or pencil!) against paper is absolutely lovely :D. Thanks for reading, Arya!

  2. All of it is so accurate. The thing about the plot bunny hunger games... is that just a figure of speech, or do you actually do something with that? Because if you do I want you to do a blog post on it someday. XD

    1. Well, it WAS just a figure of speech, but now my plot bunnies are getting plot bunnies about having a real plot bunny Hunger Games .. I should do something with this idea ... and if I DO I'll totally post about it! xD

  3. I love your gifs XP And all your other answers! I feel the pain you have with Killing Snow though. My YA WIP, The Thief's Conspiracy is a lot like that. It has given me so much grief and still needs sooo much rewriting, despite the fact that I've spent almost two years on it. But I still somehow love it? *sigh* Writing is weird, man. But I wouldn't trade it for anything.

    1. Thank you! I was literally laughing at myself as I scrolled through gifs and tried to pick just three xD.

      "Writing is weird, man. But I wouldn't trade it for anything" - SAME. What would we do with ourselves if we weren't able to write every time we have the inspiration? That's a scary thought, inspired writers running rampant without being able to write .. *accidentally acquires a new plot bunny* Okay well we'll end there, shall we? xD

  4. Oh my goodness, I looooved getting a peek into your writing process. This was so fun!!!

    "Or the one that survives my plot-bunny version of the Hunger Games." *CHOKES* Savannah!!! I can't. XDDD It's so accurate though! We complain about all the plot bunnies, but then we're evil and make them each fight for survival. I haven't actually ever thought about that until now... o.o

    Okay, I love that you write on your hand when there's no paper. That is real dedication right there!

    I LOVE the idea of doing backstory retellings of classic characters. Like in Heartless, yes. That's suuuch a fun idea! And my Savannah writing some? YES PLEASE!!!

    You're doing wonderfully on your writing goals! Yay, Savannah! I need your motivation and dedication. XD

    Oh my word, the gifs you chose. I literally burst into laughter when I saw the last one. "Why?" <-- SO RELATABLE. Like 76% of my "writing time" is really just me with my head in my hands moaning "Whyyyyy?" Eheh.

    This post was so fun! Thank you for sharing with us! :D

    1. We should make a literal plot bunny Hunger Games where we figure out how our story ideas compare to each other and then see how well they hold up against each other, and do a post in which they fight. It would be HIGHLY amusing xD.

      Real dedication, and then a hand that's stained with ink of the next three days xD.

      Thank you so much! I'm hoping to (at least) fully complete two of them by the end of the year but WE SHALL SEE! Did you make any writing goals for this year?

      So did my sister, haha xD. 'WHY' is pretty much the motto of all writers. We should turn it into an acronym that describes the confusion of all writers everywhere xD.

      Thank YOU for reading, Lauri! <3

  5. I JUST LOVE THIS TAG SO MUCH! XD It's so cool to hear about your writing process!

    1. The Beautiful People linkup is INGENIOUS, I'm hoping to think of my own linkup sometimes in the (probably far xD) future! I'm glad you enjoyed this, Grace!

  6. I guess you'd say I started writing out of necessity for school, then started writing outside of school because my cousin and I decided to work on novels simultaneously. I keep writing partially because I like it and partially because I put so much time into the other aspects of being a writer that I feel obligated to do the actual writing part, haha. The routine that's working for me now is the restriction that I must write something in my latest novel WIP every day. That can be a sentence, but it must be something, and I really like to see at least 100 words, though I prefer at least 400 words.

    Best of luck with your writing. I can understand the whole time thing. Different stories can take vastly different amounts of time to write (at least by the calendar; not necessarily in work hours).

    1. "I feel obligated to do the actual writing part, haha" - and somehow, the actual WRITING part is always the hardest! xD The routine that you have for writing is awesome, I might have to borrow it! I love the idea of needing to write a little something every day, even if it's small.

  7. Those gifs are perfect. XD I would say it's strange that you write on yourself when you don't have anything else, but honestly, we're writers. Am I even surprised at strange things anymore? XD

    1. Writers are incredibly strange creatures - you should be prepared for anything! xD

  8. Hahaha, the plot-bunny version of the Hunger Games! I should try that sometime...XD

    Ooh, yes! I've always liked the idea of backstory retellings of fairytales. It adds a whole other layer to the story! LIKE HEARTLESS YES. :D I have a few ideas like that too, actually.

    This was so fun! I love taking a peek into different writer's worlds. :)

    1. Yeah, after I read Heartless and bought some other fairytale-backstory retellings, I started thinking that it would be REALLY fun to do one of my own ... it'd be cool if we both write one someday!

  9. Oh my word I loved this. XD It was so fun and quirky and YOU. <33 XP It honestly cracked me up.

    The 'why' is also me about half the time when writing. XD

    1. THANK YOU, Prill! I have to admit, I had a lot of fun writing it, too xD.

  10. I wanted to do a writing competition this month and I thought the last day would be today but it was actually due for yesterday! *face palms* The Procrastination life is not the life I chose! :(

    1. Aw, that's awful! I once entered a contest and, a couple nights after I submitted my story, I dreamed that I had totally missed the deadline. I MIGHT have woke up and panicked a bit after that xD.

  11. Hiyah, Savannah! This is a great post. I love getting to read about the sufferings- I mean, writing processes- of other writers.
    "Telling me not to write would be almost like telling me not to breathe." YES! I understand. If I stopped writing BAD THINGS WOULD HAPPEN. Actually when I DO write bad things happen...never mind.
    Your gifs are perfect! And I love that you used three because the writing process is too complicated to sum up in just one. Good move there.
    I did Beautiful People for the first time this month! If you want wise words on writing, don't check out my post!

    1. Hey, Story! :D The 'writing processes' of writers might as well be sufferings, with how much procrastination is involved in them! xD

      "If you want wise words on writing, don't check out my post!" Oh gracious, that made me laugh xD. I'll have to check it out! Thanks for commenting, Story Sponge!

  12. You're a fast reader AND a fast writer, but don't be afraid to give Killing Snow some time. It took Tolkien over ten years to write The Lord of the Rings, a year and a half is nothing to worry about yet! :)
    You're writing-style reminds me a LITTLE of Christopher Paolini, I guess? But--to be brutally honest--I think your stories are better. He appears to put more time into his world-building (which I think is a significant part of why he's so successful), but your characters are better and your stories have a HEART I just don't feel in his. (Sorry if this is controversial! :P)
    "Why?" Yeah, I relate to that. My characters have free rein! Sometimes great and sometimes. . . otherwise. *cough*

    1. Oh my - HANNA. *all the hugs* Thank you so much, girl! Your comment was seriously super encouraging (Better than Paolini? Really? <3 <3 <3), and I can't WAIT until I can start on Killing Snow again!

      "Sometimes ... otherwise" especially when they decide they're the star of the show, and there's nothing you can do about it! xD Thanks for commenting, friend!

  13. I love that you chose the Hobbit GIF! I'm also someone who has to get the chores done before writing-- my family has a habit of screaming for me to run an errand the moment I'm writing at intense scene, which stinks...

    xoxo Abigail Lennah | ups & downs

    1. That's ALWAYS one of the gifs that comes to mind when I think of writing. And my family does the SAME THING! I'm still trying to learn to work around it xD.

  14. Savannah, it was so much fun to learn more about you! And I love the combination of GIFs. :)

    1. Thank you, Sofia! I'm glad you enjoyed it :D


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