Character Interviews with David Sullivan from A Question Of Honor (by Jesseca Wheaton)

June 22, 2017

   Today I'm interviewing the epic character, David Sullivan, from the equally incredible book A Question Of Honor. (I reviewed A Question Of Honor (a YA historical fiction novel) a little while back, if you want to read more about it before the character interview)

    There will be spoilers in this post for those who haven't read the book so proceed with utmost caution, oh bookdragons xD.

    Savannah Grace: So, I've heard that you're a pilot, David - what's your favorite thing about flying, and what's the hardest?

   David Sullivan: Favorite thing? It's a variety of things. For one, the freedom I feel. There's no feeling quite like the weightlessness of flight. When the ground falls away beneath you and the sun is the only limit. You feel totally and completely free. As if, nothing can ever hold you back. It's something priceless.
   The hardest thing? Landing. For one, because I have to leave the sky. The other because it's often difficult to land on the many different kinds of runways. And over in England, it's not often guaranteed that we'll get a runway. If our plane gets hit, we have to land in any flat place we can find, which is often dangerous.
   Sorry, that was a long answer. ;P

   SG: That's fine! Flying sounds SO amazing (well, maybe not the landing part xD), I hope I can try it someday! What kind of plane do you fly?

   David: Right now I fly a J-2 piper cub. It was what most of us who were in the Army Air Force during WWII were first trained in. After the war, they were transformed into crop dusters, which is what I use it for now on the farm.

   SG: Very cool. Okay, tougher questions now - leaving Elaine to fight in World War 2 must have been a very hard decision for you. Why were you convinced that it was the right choice to make?

    David: To be honest, I wasn't. I'm not sure one can ever be convinced when they make a decision like that. For such a long time afterwards I worried that I had heard God wrong. That perhaps, I should have gone overseas. Not before I was called, anyway. But a good friend helped to remind me of why I had made the decision. Why I had felt a peace about it. And he pushed me back to Christ. And it was there, at the feet of Jesus, that I knew I had made the right choice. Because God doesn't give peace about a decision that is wrong.

    SG: "Because God doesn't give peace about a decision that is wrong" Agreed in full. And what was one of the hardest choices you had to make during World War 2?

   David: Leaving my family was one. and then leaving them again the second time was yet another hard decision. I think the second time was harder than the first, though. I had tasted the bitter taste of war. And everything in me screamed to stay where it was safe and treasure the loved ones I had left. But if I had learned anything, it was that God will never lead us wrong. And where He calls, we must follow. Even if it's something that our natural mind can't see any point in.

   SG: I'm glad you were brave enough to make those hard decisions, because they were obviously the right ones in the end :). Who helped hold you together through all of World War 2?

    David: Who? Well, to name one person would be impossible. Jesus, of course. I'm not sure I ever would have made it through the war with my sanity if He wasn't by my side. Also, Gil. He helped me through many struggles, both before and during the war. Elaine was a huge strength, always praying for me, and loving me enough to let me go where God was calling me. Also, my brother Rafe. I'm not even sure what all I can say to express the bond we have.

    SG: It's so awesome that you had people to stand by you during the war.
   Okay, almost done here - do you think any good came out of Erich taking Joyanna hostage?

   David: Did any good come from it? Yes. Without that happening, I would never have met Joyanna. I would never have been able to know the priceless treasure she is, and the sun that she brings to our life. What Erich meant for evil, to help Germany, God used for good. He gave me a daughter, and Joy a new home in a land where she'll never have to live in fear.

I can't help but be a LITTLE glad that Joy was was captured, too - she's such a sweetheart <3.
    Alright, final question - do you think that any good came out of World War 2 (other than Joyanna ;)) for you?

    David: Oh, that's a hard question to answer. I don't think we’ll ever really be able to see how God brings good from things like that until we get to the other side of glory.
   I pray that it brought me closer to God, and in a way, I know it did. I had to depend on Him like never before. Also, it brought me closer to my family. It's made me appreciate many things that I took for granted before. Often little things, such as a carefree smile, or the ability to walk down the road without fear of attack. Things I had never considered before.

   SG: I think all hard things bring us a little closer to God :). 

. And that was the end of this interview! Thanks for popping in, David, I loved hearing your answers to my questions! 

~ Savannah Grace

   Do you like Historical Fiction? What's your favorite historical fiction book? (and make sure to check back here in a few days - one of my friends will be posting in my stead!) 


  1. I love character interviews, and leave it to you to make it even more hilarious and interesting. :) David seems fantastic and I would like to be friends with him. *nods*

    1. Haha, thanks, Evangeline! :D (I want to be friends with ALL THE FICTIONAL CHARACTERS, sheesh. Why can't they be real? xD)

  2. THIS WAS SO AMAZE!!!!!!!! <33
    (Hey, I think I know who it is that's posting.....;))
    Jaidyn Elise<3

    1. Thanks, Jaidyn! (and yup, I think you do ;))

  3. I loved that book, and David was one of my favorite characters (I say ONE OF...for there are several) so when I saw you doing a character interview with him, I just HAD to check it out. :D

    Also, this is on a completely different topic, but I wondered if you were still interested in helping me work on a new blog design. No pressure, I just wanted to see if you still were up for it and interested. Thanks!

    1. All of the characters in A Question Of Honor were AMAZING, Jesseca did SUCH a good job on them - and I'm glad you enjoyed the interview!

      Oh, of course, I'd love to help! Where's a good place to contact you? (are you comfortable with sharing you email on the internet? I can't remember if I have it or not - you might have mine, actually, seeing as I took part in the blog tour for The Princess And I xD)

    2. Yay! Thank you! :D
      Oh...good point. I'll try to root around in my email contacts to see if I can find you. ;) Otherwise, you can email me:

  4. This was so enjoyable! And I'm so jealous of David, I've always wanted to fly a J-2!

    1. Thanks, Chelsea, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

  5. Such a fun interview! But now I just spoiled myself ahhhhhh *cowers*

    xoxo Abigail Lennah | ups & downs

    1. Oh, come on now, Abigail xD. At least the spoilers weren't TOO huge? xD Thanks for reading!


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