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January 18, 2017

   Hannah White (Ink Blots And Coffee Stains) recently created an EPIC tag called Inspire Me - and tagged me to do it! It looks like a ton of fun, and I'm super excited about it ;).

  - Ze Rules -

1. Copy these rules onto your post
2. Thank the person who tagged you (thank you, Hannah!)
3. Tag five other bloggers (More or less - whatever you want.)
4. Have fun and be honest and answer alll da questions (and feel free to add some of your own!)

1. What is one are some of the most inspiring things to you?  

   Late nights spent watching the stars. Early mornings and seeing the sun rise. A blanket of fog covering a still-sleeping world. Silver mist. Walking in the rain. Quiet forests. 
   Grey clouds. Twilight To Dawn. Train tracks that lead to nowhere. Chasing Fireflies on moon-lit nights, and strange happenings that cannot be explained.

2. Where do you look for inspiration? 

   Quite honestly, I don't normally look for inspiration. Sometimes I will (mostly if I'm seriously stuck in a story-rut or I need that little spark that will help me figure out a plot bunny), but most of the time inspiration seems to find me, instead of the other way around. Which can be both a blessing and a hindrance, because inspiration tends to take its sweet time xD (at least I'm never at a loss for plot bunnies!). 

3. When and where does inspiration tend to hit you? 

   Always at the worst times - and normally where I can't write it down xD. Half of the time it's at midnight, when I'm far too tired to grab paper and make a note about it.
   The other half of inspiration normally hits my while browsing through my file of pictures that I save because they look like they could turn into plot bunnies. That thing is a treasure trove of ideas and inspiration (if you haven't started anything like this, you should! It's helped me with tons of stories) 
   But if I sit down with a notebook during the day (especially a rainy day) and don't worry about what I'm writing (or the logic of what I'm writing *cringes*) then inspiration tends to come and I end up with 2k+ words that I didn't see coming. That's always fun!   

4. What's the first thing you do when inspiration strikes? 

   Again, the midnight thing. Which means I end up falling asleep in the middle of thinking about the scene I've just had inspiration for xD. 
   BUT that's not interesting in the least, so we'll switch to a daytime scenario. The want to write hits me a lot more often than the inspiration to write, but when real, honest-to-goodness inspiration hits me, I tend to be lazy and just play the inspired scene over and over in my head while I go about my day, and write it down later. Which I actually like better than writing it down immediately, because then I can mess with the scene some before seeing it on paper. 

5. What's the most inspiring book/song/website/etc. you've found? 

   OH WOW - there are a ton of inspirational songs I could mention, and almost as many blogs and books! 
   I absolutely adore music, and I go to it whenever I'm having a tough time getting through a scene. But I few that I've had on repeat lately are: 'Better' by Britt Nicole, 'Time For The Show' by Kerrie Roberts, and I also love 'To The Dreamers' by For King And Country, and 'Lost Girls' by Lindsey Stirling. 
   Books-wise ... well, that's a little harder. But The Hunger Games recently inspired me to try writing in first person more (which turned out to be ... interesting. Very fun, but the story I started on is described as 'creepy' by my sisters XD). 
    As to blogs ... well, I'm limiting myself to five blogs because otherwise I'll list most every blog I read xD. Ink Blots And Coffee Stains, Abbiee, Burning Youth, Taking My Time, and Twilight To Dawn. Go check them out, they're all epic *nodnod*.    

6. What's one piece of advice you would give to people struggling for inspiration? 

   Quit fighting to find inspiration. Inspiration is like a spooked animal half the time - chase it, and it's going to run. Just stand still and wait, and it will normally come to you. 
   Also, you need to stay open to getting inspiration, even if you aren't looking for it. When I'm writing a story, my brain will sometimes unconsciously shut off to sources of inspiration. Mostly this is because I'm afraid too much inspiration will give me too many crazy ideas for where my already-written story could go, and I don't want it to change. AND this is wrong, because what is editing if not change (and also the crazy ideas tend to be better than what I came up with in the first place xD).     
   So that was quite a ramble. But basically - don't go crazy trying to find inspiration, and always be open to inspiration ;).  

I tag ... 

Abbie @ Abbiee 
Hanna @ Taking My Time 
Julia Ryan @ The Barefoot Gal 
Ariel @ Christ's Ambassador (private blog) 
Evangeline @ An Odd Blog

   So yes, that tag was just as fun as I thought it would be, and I had a blast! Many thanks to the lovely Hannah for creating it! (also, I linked to her blog about three times in this post, so that must mean something. Go check her out xD)    

~ Savannah Grace 

   What kinds of things inspire you? What advice would you give to people looking for inspiration?


  1. This whole POST is inspiring! Seriously, your answer to the first question just awakened my inspiration and made me feel so creative. I love it!

    And the best inspiration absolutely hits for me at midnight, too. >.> Or when I'm gone and can't write. It never comes when I'm actually sitting down WRITING. Nooo, that'd be silly.

    I used to keep folders of inspiration pics on my computer! Buuut then I got Pinterest. XD Now I just keep it all in my Pinterest boards. But YES. It's so fun and inspiring!

    "Inspiration is like a spooked animal half the time - chase it, and it's going to run. Just stand still and wait, and it will normally come to you." <--- THIS. This is SO. TRUE. It usually comes to me when I'm not expecting it, hardly ever when I'm looking for it. But the unexpected inspiration is always the best kind! Even if it's few and far between. But it's so worth the wait!

    1. Thank you so much, Christine! :D I found myself getting some inspiration just from writing it ;).

      Ugh, midnight inspiration. Sometimes it's the BEST because the ideas are great - but the timing is so bad xD.

      Making + printing collages of some of your favorite inspiration pictures is super awesome, too. I find myself getting a TON of inspiration for a story I'm writing if I do stuff like that *nodnod*.

      Because even if it's few and far between, sometimes that 'spooked inspiration' that finally shows up is THE BEST inspiration you've had all month! xD I LOVE it when that happens. Thanks for your sweet comment, Lauri!

  2. Oh this is awesome Savannah! I love all your answers. And yes, Twilight to Dawn is so inspiring. (As well as most of these things. XD )
    Your sis has a blog?! That's cool

    1. Thanks, Soleil! Twilight To Dawn is EPIC - I loving reading poetry like that *nodnod*.

      Yup, she does! It's private right now - but I'm hoping she'll want to get a public one someday ;).

  3. This is such a fun tag! I love 'Lost Girl' by Lindsey Stirling as well. :)

    1. 'Lost Girls' is SO pretty - I love listening to it while I'm reading, too! <3

  4. Oh yes. How you answered that last question is so so true. Inspiration will come, but you can't force it. It's like a gift from God. Ask, and he'll give it.

    And I LOVE all the pictures in this post. So beautiful. <3

    1. YES praying for inspiration will definitely help *nodnod*. (totally kicking myself for not saying something about that xD)

      Thank you! I had a fun time picking them :).

  5. THANK YOU FOR TAGGING ME!!!! No matter how many times it happens, I always get super excited about being tagged. It's just so fun! :)

    I'm really excited to write the post because all of the questions sound like awesome questions.

    1. YOU'RE WELCOME! I thought you might have fun with this one ;). (and same here - tags are so fun, even if I'm a bit picky about the ones I do xD)

      I LOVED this tag, too - the questions are epic. Hope you have fun!

  6. Wow, what an amazing tag! I'm getting to where I'm really picky about the tags that I read/do, but this one is pretty epic. *nods* And the pictures in this post are pretty amazing as well. <3

    1. Wasn't it? Hannah's a genius xD. Yeah, I don't like to do just any tag either, but this one was too good to pass up!

      Thank you - glad you liked them :).

  7. This was so fun to read! Haha, I feel the same way about inspiration just seeming to find me. And always at the worst times too. I'll be lying in bed, nearly about to fall asleep, when this great idea will hit me and I'll scribble in the dark on a notepad I keep by my bed.
    And usually in the morning, it's not even THAT amazing of an idea. XD

    I've found Pinterest to be a treasure trove of inspiration, word- and image-wise. :) And I LOVE listening to Lindsey Stirling! I haven't listened to her new album very much aside from Prism, (which will forever get stuck in my head, even though there's no lyrics :P), and some of the other instrumental songs, but I've listened to her other albums many times over.

    1. YUP - inspiration totally creeps up on me at the weirdest of times. (though, does it REALLY have to creep up on me at midnight? *sighs* xD) I should start keeping a notebook by my bed, too *nodnod*.

      Isn't her music amazing? I LOVE 'Something Wild' from her newest album, and 'Lost Girls' + 'Phoenix' are awesome, too. Isn't it funny how something without words can get so stuck in your head? xD

  8. Thanks for tagging me, Savannah!
    I haven't commented yet, because I was deciding whether or not I should tell you that it almost made me cry when you said my blog was one of your five. Thanks, friend. I find you super inspiring and helpful too!

    My Dad recently sent me a survey, that tells you what level of writing you're at. I should send it to you. . .

    1. You're welcome! This seemed like a 'Hanna' kind of tag ;).
      OH GOODNESS I'm so glad that made you happy! And it's SO TRUE - your blog is so ultra-inspiring, and I always love it when you post *nodnod*. (aw, thank you! <3)

      Ooh, yes, send me a link! I'd love to take it ;).

  9. I love how inspiration can be found in so many ways. Reading history is one way for me to find inspiration.

    "Inspiration is like a spooked animal half the time - chase it, and it's going to run. Just stand still and wait, and it will normally come to you." How right you are. I suppose this is why it often strikes at night.

    1. Yes - and I love how inspiration is found differently for different people!

      We're much quieter at night ;).

  10. Ahhh I loved reading this! *hugs* Dude, you need to create a tag. It's so cool. It's like a massive Q & A over the whole blog-o-sphere! :D

    You're just so sweet ahhh <3 Thank you for participating! I love how you handle inspiration (and the beautiful pictures in this post *heart eyes*)

    1. Thank you, Hannah! And OH MY, yes I do. Someday when my brain isn't completely blank xD.

      YOUR TAG IS EPIC, I had so much fun doing it *nodnod*. Thank you for creating it! I LOVE how different it is from the other tags floating around. (and I won't mention how long I stared at the pics in this post xD <3)

  11. THANK YOU!!!!!!! This post is REALLY good. <3
    I can get inspired almost anywhere. As an artist, I tend to get inspired by art. (music and poems, too)
    Thanks again!! -G

    1. You're so welcome! I really loved writing this post - so thank you! :D
      It's SO neat to be inspired by the most random things. And OOH, you're an artist? What kinds of things do you like to draw/paint?

  12. Love this, Savannah! Drawings and photography tend to inspire me a lot! I usually see a picture and then imagine the story it tell. I think that's one reason I like to design my book cover before I write the book. XD

    BTW, the band For King and Country is my favorite band! It's so awesome to find someone who shares your like for their music!


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