Monthly Highlights - November 2016

November 30, 2016

   November literally flew by. I don't think I've ever felt like I lost so many days so quickly. I blame NaNoWriMo for everything. December ought to be less hectic.

   Anyways. I was too lazy (... or busy ... *shrugs*) to keep good track of everything that happened this month. We'll see how much I can track down and tell you guys about ...

   - Thanksgiving. Obviously. Much food (PIE), board+video games (Settlers of Catan, you guys <3), and singing. It was a blast. And I tried Turkish Delight for the first time! It is ... not what Narnia makes it out to be. But it was okay *shrugs*.  It's kinda like sticky, fruity candy covered in powdered sugar - depending on what flavor you eat.

turkish delight and me *nodnod* I personally like the green ones best

   - My younger sister (Skylar) played in her orchestra's concert and it was so fun to watch her perform (even if we already knew the songs - because she practiced like mad at home, dedicated thing that she is). She's crazy talented on the violin, I love listening to her play. Especially if it's a Narnia/Lord Of The Rings song - not that I'm biased xD.  

   - We set up the Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving! We were too excited to wait much longer than that - putting up the Christmas tree (and starting to play Christmas music - which I did the day before Thanksgiving xD) heralds in the Christmas season for us, and it's so much fun to do.

   - NaNoWriMo consumed everything for most of the month. But that's for the nest section ...

   - NaNoWriMo. That's honestly it. It took up all the writing things - I had no time for anything else! But at least I hit 50k, so yay for me xD.
   It was exhausting and hard, but most definitely worth it. And I was part of the most epic Google Hangout ever - we were all insane and hyper and super encouraging there. Definitely wouldn't have made it without them *highfives to all my Hangout buddies*
   I actually don't have much to say for this bit. Lots of madly banging on the keyboard and hoping words come out + insane conversation with friends when all my brain cells had been killed by words. It was lots of fun, and I'll definitely be doing it again next year xD.

   *blinks* Wait, I feel like I've forgotten something ... oh, snippets! *sighs* Oh gracious me. Alright, well, I guess I said I'd give you guys some (in an earlier post), so here they are. Entirely unedited, so don't judge.
   *takes a deep breath and shares the words*

   *looks at the snippets*

   *decides to pretend I never showed you* Carry on.


   Yeah, so compared to last month's 29-or-so books, this is a pretty pitiful amount. But you know what's to blame for that ;). At least they were all pretty good books! I'll give you my thoughts on a couple of them ...

   - Some Kind Of Happiness (by Claire Legrand) I got this because the lovely Katie Grace raved about it crazy much, so I figured there must be something to it xD. And OH MY there was. I loved this book - and it's not the type of book I would normally read. I didn't want it to end, but at least the end was so well done. Definitely deserved the 5 stars I gave it (AND it was the only five star book I read this month *nodnod*).

   - Howl's Moving Castle (by Diana Wynne Jones) I still owe it to Tracey, Christine, and Deborah for pestering getting me to read this book. It is epicness and I love it so much. The characters are so amazing and quirky, and even as a third time re-read, I was still able to give it 4 1/2 stars. Which is a big deal because 1) I don't normally re-read books and 2) when I do, they normally get much lower ratings. But this book didn't get a low rating because it is epic, obviously.

   Ooh, also, I won another book this month! My friend Hosanna was having a giveaway for her novella, The Mystery Of The Midnight Trespasser and I was super stoked to win it - it looks great on my shelf and I'm excited to re-read her lovely book. You could should check it out, I think it would be a fun to read aloud to siblings (not that I ever would - I'm terrible at reading aloud xD).

   - Mary Horton got hacked (well, sort of, anyways. She basically knew what we were doing xD) by her friends from the Hangout. It was a blast to write this post congratulating her on beating NaNoWriMo, so go check that out *nodnod*.

   - Sarah Margaret's blog also got (kinda) hacked - and it was a Narnia post for her birthday. There was SO much excitement surrounding the making of this group post. 

   - My friend Hanna Rothfuss did one beautiful post about adoption after another ... and then she did another :D. She's an epic writer, go check her out, too.

   - Hannah White did an amazing post about comparison. Basically all her posts are goals and she's so crazy inspiring all the time. You all need to go follow her *shoos you away*

   - Abbie told everyone why they should play a musical instrument. And now I kinda want to get more serious about piano and violin again ...

   - Liv Fisher did a review on Fantastic Beats and Where To Find Them - a movie I really want to watch *nodnod*

   - Evangeline Yackel did an awesome post about Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. I still have very mixed feelings about that book.

   - Morning had the EPIC idea to put together an end-of-the-year blogger yearbook. So hurry up and jump over to her blog so that you can be a part of that, because you are not going to want to miss out on this.

   - My friend Micaiah is starting an Advent series on her blog that looks like it's going to be fun + she's having a giveaway, so you'll definitely want to check that out.

   - Abi Ellison is RELEASING A BOOK *shrieks happily* She shares the release date in this post here, so go check that out and remember that date ;).

   EDIT: (yes, my goldfish memory is coming into play again, but I had to add this xD) - Hanna also posted the first part of Catania's Forest, a serial story she wrote. It's a retelling of The Little Drummer Boy that she'll be posting through out December. *shoos you away to read that*

   -- Last month's goals -- 

   - Ace NaNoWriMo. It happened, it happened, you guys! *dies*  *does not think about All. The. Editing. that will have to happen*

   - No requesting library books. HA, no xD. I just couldn't help it! ... but at least I only got a few *shrugs*.

   -- This month's goals --

   - ... not making goals this month. I'll just let things happen as they do. It's Christmas season - which either means lounging around and reading a book or panicking about last-minute things that still need to get done. 
   Hopefully it is the former xD. 

   (because we all know that I'm constantly rambling xD)

   Actually, I don't have anything super planned out for December. I'll probably being joining in the Beautiful People linkup and I have a book (an anthology call 'Once') that I'm supposed to review, but other than that I have no idea. I'll just go with the flow *nodnod*.

   So THAT was the insanely writer-ly November of mine. Hope you guys had a good one, too - and I hope that it was a little less crazy than mine was xD.

~ Savannah Grace

How was your November? Tell me of all your adventures! And what are some posts that you guys want me to do in December?


  1. Goodness! Those snippets! I... I just don't know what to say about them! Psst, lemme beta read, pretty please?

    1. I'm with ya, Chloe...come on, Savannah!!! Finish the story so we can read all the beautiful Savannah words! (and btw, that second snippet...WHAT ARE WORDS?! That was so gloriously creepy! XD)

    2. Aw, thanks, you two! <3 So glad you enjoyed these! (@Chloe - YES when it's edited xD)

  2. EEEEEEEEEP!!!! I have been mentioned by Savannah. *deep breath* Thank you for linking to my blog! :D

    Also: Can we just mention how close Christmas is getting? I am so excited.

    1. YES YOU HAVE been your post was epic. Loved the stuff you had to say about Cursed Child. You're welcome!

      YES SAME. Though I'm still trying to figure out what gifts I'm giving to people xD.

  3. Aw, thanks for linking to me, Savannah! =) Turkish Delight is pretty good, not my fave, but I think I like it because of Edmund. =)

    Again, congrats on beating Nano! =)

    1. You're welcome, Micaiah! Yeah, Turkish Delight does get bonus points for being in Narnia xD.

      Thank you! *is still in shock that that happened*

  4. Ack, you were fabulous this month. Way to go with NaNoWriMo and reading and everything. You did awesome. :D *high five*

    My month has been exhausting too. :P Ah, the insanity - that's for sure.

    (Also, quick warning about Fantastic Beasts: It's much darker than the previous films; at times you could even say it resembles a horror movie. It's definitely not for the squeamish or for younger kids. :P But I did really, really love it. Newt is the best. Allll the characters are the best. <3)

    1. THANK YOU, Emily! And GREAT JOB to you for hitting 50k! *highfives and hugs* So glad you were able to reach the goal :D.

      November is definitely one of the more insane months out of the year - I'm already looking forward to Christmas break so I can actually READ BOOKS again xD.

      (ooh, it is? Huh. Thanks for the warning, I'll keep that in mind *nodnod*.)

  5. Vlog vlog, Savvy should do a vlog. *nods* You really should.

    And those snippets were fine! They were super cool actually. Don't worry about it!

    I love that the google hangouts group hacked Mary's blog. xD A brilliant plan really.

    1. Siding with you, Jane. XD *chants* Savannah must do a vlog, Savannah must do a vlog, Savannah must do a vlog... =D But seriously, if you wanna do this, I'm available! (cuz I've got a camera and everything, but you know...;))

    2. YES I should xD. Some of my friends showed me a tutorial for how to upload a video to blogger - so if that works, a vlog will probably happen *nodnod*.

      Thanks, Jane! Now YOU need to share snippets of Agent Kit at some point :D. *wishes to read the epic book*

      *snatches Ariel's camera* Thanks, sister :D.

  6. "I blame NaNoWriMo for everything." Literally the most accurate thing. XD

    I was JUST chatting with Ariel in my blog comments about you guys having Turkish delight! That's so cool! They look super tasty.

    Um, excuse me, Missy, but why would you NOT want to share these???
    Oh man, they give me a CHILL. Which I love! (Didn't we both discover we love eerily beautiful type of writing?) It's just so...mysterious and otherworldly and beautiful! I mean, the black veins running down her arm. o.o So epic and terrifying at the same time! And the Reflection. THAT IS SO COOL. "Reflections tell things as they are." That. Is. Genius. I LOVE YOUR WRITING AND THE SOUND OF THIS STORY. LOVE, LOVE, LOOOOVE!!!!

    You read HMC again?? EEEEP. THE BEST!!! I declare I love it even MORE with each reread. It's just...AGH. It's so fun! *huggles book*

    Congratulations again on your amazing NaNo achievement! I do so hope you have a wonderful (and relaxing) December. You've earned it!

    1. Isn't it though? Like ... I feel like I got nothing done in November O.O Literally, it went by SO FAST.

      Asjklasjkl CHRISTINE *flails over your comment* I'm grinning so big right now xD. Like seriously - you're always so encouraging *hugs you*. And THANK YOU SO MUCH! (YES, eerily beautiful writing is definitely the best *hugs Burning Thorns because it matches that description*)
      *still can't quite squealing over your comment* THANK YOU MUCHLY, LAURI! <3

      YES I DID. I love it SO MUCH. Just ... I can't even. And YES somehow this books gets better with every reading. I don't understand how that is possible *stares at strange little book*. Must have something to do with Howl xD.

      Thank you so much, Christine! Hope you have the same (BECAUSE YOU WROTE TWICE AS MUCH AS ME AND YOU DESERVE SUGAR AND APPLAUSE *applauds you*)!

  7. Girl, you're amazing. Have fun writing!!
    THOSE SNIPPETS. I'm scared........wondering if I can bribe you with one of mine.....

    1. Thanks, Ellen!
      Ooh, you might be able too ... *will email you*

  8. that last snippet ohmygoodness THE BEST THING EVAH K

    srsly tho you rocked nano this month *fistbump*

    *whispers* still think we should make that club *insert smirk emoji* hahaha xD

    1. ACK, THANK YOU, SARE! <3 *shoos you away to your own blog, where you should post some of your snippets so I can flail over the epicness*

      We both rocked NaNo, we are amazing *nodnod* *fistbump* (and yes we should start that club xD *wields sword menacingly at all my characters*

  9. *takes a moment to flail over snippets because they are EPIC*

    Ahem...Now that that's out of the way... You aren't the only one who's started playing Christmas music. :D My family glares at me, but hey, tis the season!

    *is jealous that you got at least a bit of reading during NaNo* That did not happen for me. I'm literally going to devour books this month... XD

    Here's hoping you have a wonderful December! <3

    1. Thank you so much, Madeline! :D

      YES 'tis the season! *cranks up the music and dances*

      Some am I - I intend to read at LEAST twenty to make up for what I missed out on last month xD.

      Same to you! We need to recover from NaNo xD.

  10. OH

    SAVANNAH GRACE, YOU ARE A WRITING QUEEN. *shares crown with you* ;P I mean...wowzers. Those snippets were absolutely brilliant and haunting and BEAUTIFUL. I NEEEEEED. <3 *clambers for story* Pretty please let me beta read? (And I'm with Christine, the line "reflections tell things as they are"...that just gave me chills. <3)

    Also, I maaaay or may not be jealous that you actually read 6 books in November. *whispers* I read none. *cough* Though I certainly wouldn't mind rereading HMC. :D OH, AND THE TWO HACKING POSTS WERE GOALS.

    Loved this post, girl! YOUR WRITING IS EPIC.


      *gasps* EEP the Glitter Queen is sharing her crown with me! *happily shares* xD I'm so glad you liked these! And you can beta AFTER EDITING *cringes at the though* *whispers* lots and lots of editing ... *dies*

      AW poor Mary :(. But hey, one book is SERIOUSLY GOOD when you've written 90K WORDS. YOU ARE EPIC, GLITTER QUEEN *nodnod*. And YES the hacking posts were so fun xD.

      THANK YOU, MARY! Can't wait for April so we can do this whole crazy thing again xD.


    Aw, you linked to my posts! #warmfuzzies Thank you!

    1. THANK YOU SO MUCH, HANNA! It IS pretty intense at some points :D.

      YES because your posts are AH-MAZING *nodnod*. You're welcome!

  12. Sounds like a great month! :D And those snippets... OH MY GOODNESS, THOSE SNIPPETS. SO AMAZING. <3
    Thank you SO MUCH for including me in your blog list!! <3 <3

    1. November was definitely lots of fun *nodnod*.
      THANK YOU SO MUCH, LIV! <3 Glad you enjoyed them :D.
      You're welcome! I'm excited to watch Fantastic Beasts at some point :).

    Also *coughs* I couldn't help but read the posts I've gotten behind on...KILLING SNOW SEQUAL WAT R WURDS YAS I WAS HOPING FOR A SEQUAL! *coughs again* Also...if you'll need an alpha reader again...

    1. I DID, I DID! *promptly dies of exhaustion*
      WAIT WHAT - I said something about that?! *blinks* Well I guess you know now xD. ACK, YOUR REACTION *can't stop grinning*. It's BARELY in the first draft stage, but I'm pretty excited about it, too xD. And YES if I need alphas, you will be the first to know *nodnod*.
      (*whispers* also, I wrote a prologue to Killing Snow that I don't think you've seen yet ... but there's a link to it on my 'Writings' page if you want some new Killing Snow stuff to read)

    2. I DID SEE THAT ITS FABULOUSSS and yas I shall be severely sad if I don't get to alpha. *sniffs*

    3. ACK THANK YOU - AND YOU WON'T BE SEVERELY SAD *will let you alpha when it's ready* xD


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