Fall-Tastic Favorites Tag

November 23, 2016

   I kinda wanted to do this in vlog form - but it was rainy and dreary today, so I decided not to. Oh well. Maybe I'll do a Q&A type vlog sometimes, but today is not that day. (plus, Mary already did this tag in vlog form just two days ago, so then I'd be a copycat xD)

   ANYWAYS, I'm rambling left, right, and center now. Onto the tag (thanks, Morgan!). 

   1. Favorite Fall Holiday

   So there are like ... *is lazy and doesn't count* very few major holidays in Autumn. But even if I'm picking out of all the holidays in the whole YEAR, Thanksgiving is one of my top favorites. We have the best time on Thanksgiving - all of us kids are super hyper (... like we are on all holidays ...) and we watch the Macy's Thanksgiving day parade together while waiting for relatives to arrive. Then the real party starts. It's tons of fun xD.

2. Favorite Fall Ingredient: Caramel, Pumpkin or Pecan? 

   Huh. I actually don't eat much pumpkin stuff (*shields self from all the tomatoes now being thrown*), other than pumpkin pie, and peanuts don't make an appearance in this house much, due to allergies. So ... I guess I shall pick caramel *nodnod*. But seriously, I love caramel, you guys. It's so good.
3. Favorite Fall Movie

   What do you consider a Fall movie? *is confused* 

   Oh well. Mary (who, as I said, did this tag a couple days ago) said The Fellowship Of The Ring might be a fall-ish movie, and it seemed like quite a few people agreed. So I pick The Fellowship Of The Ring. If you guys know me, you probably know that I am a Lord Of The Rings addict and probably expected my answer to this question xD. But that movie is epicness. EPICNESS.  
4. Favorite Fall Candle
   We don't actually have any candles in our house - but I want some. I need some pretty, scented candles to put on my bookshelf and light when I'm writing. My bookshelf + writing space is sadly deprived of decorations. So I need to get some candles.  I would want ... I don't even know what kind of scented candles they have ... do they have pine? Because I would love pine. Or maybe cinnamon. *nodnod*. 

5. Favorite Fall Drink 

   HOT CHOCOLATE. I haven't had it in a shamefully long time, but I love it.

6. Favorite Item Of Clothing For The Fall

   Oooh, this was a pretty easy answer - I have a coat that I'm absolutely adore (*points to 'about me' picture*). Even if it's a little more winter-y, I've been wearing it in the fall because I love it. And then I pair it with boots because boots are epic.  

7. Favorite Fall Outing/Activity

   Oh good grief, this one is hard. One of the things I loved doing last year was going out every night with my sisters (and our friends who lived next door) to watch the stars and just talk. Even though that's not exactly an 'activity', I loved doing that.
   As for a more legit outing/activity thing - I love going to pumpkin patches with my family. We've been to multiple different pumpkin patches, some better and some worse, and it's always fun! 

8. Favorite Candy

   *tries to think of a candy I associate with fall* *fails* Maybe Reese's peanut butter cups? I kind of associate those with Fall, because we eat them a lot around Halloween time.

9. Favorite Fall Weather

   All of it. I love all the Fall weather. Foggy, freezing (well, freezing to other people - I'm not very good at feeling cold when I'm outside xD), raining. So long as it's Fall, I'll love it *nodnod*. 

10. Favorite At Home Meal 

   Basically any of Thanksgiving food ever *nodnod*. There is so much good food cooked around here on Thanksgiving! Especially my mom's mashed potatoes, I love those so much.
   Oh, and pie. Always pie. ALL THE PIE.   

   So there is my contribution to all the Autumn-ish/Thanksgiving posts that have been going up lately xD. Take the tag if ya want it, even if Fall is almost over (what is this tragedy?!).

   *waves goodbye to Autumn* *turns to watch Winter roll in*

~ Savannah Grace 

What kind of scented candle would you want? Should I do a Q&A vlog at some point?


  1. Yes Savvy! You need to do a Q&A vlog. Pleeease. I wanna know what you sound like in real life. :P

    I LOVE your new 'about me' photo! It's so pretty. And so are you. <3 All the pictures in this post are amazing!

    1. *is really close to deciding to do a vlog* I'm thinking possibly around Christmas time! :D

      Aw, thank you so much, Jane! <3

  2. Ok, you just made me really hungry.....

  3. I enjoyed reading this, Savannah!! Thank you so much for doing the tag!!! YES!! I'd love you to do a vlog someday!! Oooo a Q and A vlog sounds awesome!! :)

    Caramel, LOTR, candles, coats + boots (I love your new picture!:)), yup, yup, yup!!! Ahhh...and food...YES TO ALL THE FOOD!!!! ;D

    I hope you have a very Happy Thanksgiving, Savannah!!! Many blessings to you and your family!! :D

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed this - and thank you for tagging me, Morgan! This was tons of fun *nodnod*.

      Thanks, I'm glad you like it! My sister took the picture - she's a great photographer :). YES FOOD. I got hungry looking for pictures for this post :D.

      Thank you, Morgan! And the same to you and yours :D.

  4. Ahh, I just love fall! <3 It's so lovely.

    Dude that idea of watching the stars with friends and sisters while talking is awesome. o.o I've never really been able to do that, but it's something that would feed my soul.

    Alll the love for Thanksgiving and everything fall-themed. <3 AND REESE'S. Oh yeah.

    Definitely do the vlog! I want to see your cute face talk. :P

    1. Isn't it? I wish it wasn't over already!

      IT WAS AWESOME. We don't do it much anymore, because those friends moved, but sometimes my sisters and I will still go outside to look at the stars. And you NEED to do it sometime, it's lovely *nodnod*.

      *has MOSTLY planned to do the vlog, so long as I can figure out how to upload a long video to blogger* xD

    2. Yeah, I understand the moving thing. :P That's why I haven't really been able to develop traditions like that. So many different houses, all mostly under relatively starless skies drained by the man-made lights, heh.

      I suppose there are always tutorials online if you need help? :P

  5. Ooh, these are all such great answers! :D

    Unfortunately, candles give my dad headaches, so we rarely have them around the house. :( But if I had to choose, I would definitely pick something vanilla-y or cinnamon spice.

    And yes, you should totally do a vlog! :)

    1. Thank ya, Madeline!

      That's the same reason we don't have scented candles - some of us get headaches. But I still want some :D. Ooh, a vanilla one would be so good!

  6. I totally called you would say The Fellowship. ;) It's totally a fall movie, and it's definitely my favorite too! I love that movie so much. <3 Did I tell you I got to watch it on the airplane on the way to China? The whole thing, without any orcs edited out. *happy dances*

    Ooh, you should do a vlog! I know what you look and sound like, but it'd still be fun to see how you would look in a video! ;) And I think you'd be REALLY good at it!

    1. Haha, you know me so well :D. YOU DID?! That's awesome! *highfive* I'm totally going to email you so we can talk about it *nodnod*.

      I think I'm probably going to, so long as I can figure out how to upload a long video onto my blog. It's kinda tricky :D.

    2. Oooh, please do! It'll be good for me to rant at someone who actually wants to talk about Middle Earth and give my family a break--as if that'll make me stop talking about it! ;)

      Yeah. . . I know. I have yet to figure out how to post videos I've made. Getting them off of Youtube, like I did with all the music videos, is easy, but I can't figure out the ones I take myself. :-/


    1. *gives you 5* I had so much pie yesterday, IT WAS SO GOOD xD.

  8. Hot chocolate? Caramel? Pie? WE ARE KINDRED SPIRITS!!! Oh, a candle scent... How about autumn leaves or something? I don't know exactly how it would smell or how to describe why I'd want it, though. And yes, a Q&A blog is a must!

    1. YES WE ARE ;P. Autumn leaves - I know exactly the scent you're talking about and YES a candle should be made that has that scent *nodnod*.

  9. What a fun tag! I love all things fall. =) My favorite fall candle scents are probably either cinnamon bun or apple pie. :)

    Ooooh, yes! You should definitely do a vlog at some point! *nodnod* :D

    1. Ooh, apple pie! That would make me perpetually hunger while it was lit :D.

  10. Great post, Savannah!
    'Oh, and pie. Always pie. ALL THE PIE.' Couldn't have said it any better. ;)
    AND I KNOW RIGHT where did this autumn gooooo?!

    1. THANKS, sister :D.
      I don't knooow! *goes searching for it, because obviously we lost some*

  11. YES do the Q + A vlog thingy. I love watching other bloggers as weird as that may sound. xD

    *hides* I... actually don't really use candles? It's something I want to do because they're so pretty and aesthetically pleasing, but then I probably would accidentally set the house on fire. Sigh. xD

    katie grace
    a writer's faith

    1. Nope, not weird. Mostly because I'm the same way xD. I'd be SUPER awkward in front of the camera though *shrugs*.

      *blinks* ... yeah, setting the house on fire might not be the best idea xD.


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