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October 28, 2016

   I hath been tagged for a Q&A! And it looks like a really fun one, too - I have a thing for tags with unique questions *nods*. (thanks, Cordy!)

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1. When you're worried and you can't fall asleep, what do you do? 

   Close my eyes, take deep breaths, and basically block out everything ('cept God, because praying helps *nods*). 

2. What is your favorite spice associated with Autumn? 

   Huh. I dunno - maybe cinnamon? I don't associate many spices with Autumn, but I love the smell of cinnamon and pumpkin *nods*.  

3. Do you know any great Thanksgiving songs? 

   Nope - we played Christmas music around Thanksgiving last year XD. That was mostly because we were combining Christmas + Thanksgiving into the same day since relatives would be there. Which was awesome, as (I think) those are my two favorite holidays. 

4. What was the last book you read and liked? 

   (okay, first - I loved how you added 'and liked' to the question *nods*) Savvy by Ingrid Law was the last book I read, and I gave it four stars. It was so good. But the last book I gave a five-star rating to was *takes a deep breath* The Girl Who Raced Fairyland All The Way Home by Catherynne M. Valente. I loved it so! It was the last book in its series, and it was an epic ending. *won't say anymore because too much flailing will happen*

5. Have you ever given yourself a theme song/s? Share one. 

   I haven't, but now I kinda want to :D.  But a few of the songs I'm enjoying right now (even if I haven't picked a theme song, I have to share some music with you guys *nods*) are No Filter by Britt Nicole, Peter Hollens' version of 'Can't Stop The Feeling', and Lost Girls by Lindsey Stirling.   

6. If you could be costumed appropriately as anyone you wanted, who would it be?  

   A Mirkwood elf from Lord Of The Rings. Probably (I'm a LotR addict, you guys XD). Though, a really epic pirate would be fun, too ...   

7. What's a hobby you excel at? (Yup, give yourself a compliment, my friends.)

   Uh ... I would say writing, but I need some work in that area *grins*. Still, that's my favorite hobby, unless buying books counts (I am a genius when it comes to buying books XD).

photo credit goes to Ariel

   The biggest hardcover books I own. I could honestly use them as weapons. They are massive heavy-duty books. Thus, they get to go outside. They are the specials *nods*.

8. What is your favorite holiday decoration that a staple at your house? 

   Does a Christmas tree count? Because that would be my favorite decoration, no question about it.  Our Christmas tree never looks coordinated (who could expect it to be when I have a lot of siblings?) but I like it that way. I really starts to feel like Christmas once we get the tree up *nods*. And Christmas is in two months, so I'm a little bit excited right now XD. 

9. Do you sing out-loud, or hum? (You know, when you're doing housecleaning and the like.)

   BOTH. ALL THE TIME. Seriously, you guys. I'm basically never not humming, singing, or whistling *nods*.
10. Do you have a favorite word? What is it? 

   Okay, never ask a writer this question. They probably won't pick. *won't pick* XD

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My Questions -

1. What is a hyped book that you want to read?
2. When/why did you start your blog?
3. Penguins or puffins? (important questions, people)
4. Show us a picture of your bookshelf! 
5. What three songs have you had on repeat lately?
6. If you could live in one fictional world, which world would it be?
7. What are three things on your bucket list?
8. Share the last sentence you wrote in your WIP.
9. What is the best book you've read this month? What was the worst?
10. What's a fact about you that other people might be surprised to know?

   That was fun! Thanks again for the tag, Cordy (and for making the questions interesting. Good for you *nods*)!

~ Savannah Grace 

If you could be appropriately costumed as anyone you wanted, who would you be?


  1. This is a really neat tag! I loved reading your answers, Savannah!

  2. Oooh, fun tag! Yep, I can definitely vouch for the whole singing thing. XD ALL. THE. TIME. But who cares, 'cause then we can sing together and try our best to be singing the same stanzas at all times. =p

    1. I know, right? And yes - we do try *nods*. XD

  3. I TOTALLY HAVE TO DO THIS. xD thanks for tagging me!! <33

    1. Can't wait to read it when you do! You're welcome :D.

  4. CHRISTMAS IS IN TWO MONTHS. Oh help. *dies*

    (loved the tag. <3)

    1. My brain cannot wrap itself around that fact. TWO MONTHS UNTIL THERE ARE CHRISTMAS LIGHTS AND CARDS AND MUSIC! *is very excited*

  5. AH I just got tagged for this one also [different person though so hence different questions] and I need to work on that. XD Great answers though!

    1. Seriously? Cool!
      Glad you enjoyed reading this :D.

  6. Ooh, both of your most recently read (and liked) books are orangish! It just seems like a really good fall / halloween colour. Did you plan that? Loved reading all of your answers though, it's really fun reading through q & a's.

    Fleur @ FranklyBooks just posted Stacking the Shelves (1)

    1. Really? *looks at picture* They ARE! That's so cool (totally wasn't planning on that) XD. Thanks for reading, Fleur!

  7. This looks like an fun tag! You had some great answers; I also loved Savvy! <3

    1. It was quite fun :D. And you've read Savvy, too? Cool! *highfive*

  8. These are always too fun to read!

    I would tooootally want to dress as a Mirkwood elf, YES. Dream costume right there. But also Alice from Alice in Wonderland, and I think I can pull it off with my blonde hair. Alice is of my most favorite creations on this planet, so yes.

    Buying books as a hobby. That's perfect. XD I excel at that one as well! (Also, that pic Ariel made is goooorgeous! *drools*)

    I don't know what my favorite word is either. I mean, how do you choose such a thing???

  9. Thanks, Christine! :D

    OOH YES, you could totally pull of Alice! That would be super cool *nods*. Have you ever read 'The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland In A Ship Of Her Own Making'? (longest book title in history) It has kind of an Alice In Wonderland vibe that you might like *nods*.

    Well OBVIOUSLY buying books is the best hobby XD. (isn't it so great? She's such an awesome photographer!)

    That's an easy answer - you just DON'T choose XD.

  10. Thanks for tagging me! I love your answers!

    I read Savvy last month and liked it. I still need to read the Fairyland book you mentioned . . . is that the 4th book in the series? Or the 5th?

    As for my appropriate costuming- I actually did both of them in the past week: first I was a Mistborn, then I was an Elven Adventurer.

    1. You're welcome, Sarah! I hope you have time to do it :D.

      You did? That's super cool *nods*. You really should! It's the fifth (and last!) book in the series and I LOVED it.

      YOU WERE?! Those sound like SUCH cool costumes - I'm jealous XD.

  11. BASICALLY YES TO EVERYTHING. Also: OBSESSED with No Filter. Because #truth.

    I would love to be costumed as a gender bent Winter Soldier.

    1. YES, No Filter is epicness *nods*.

      That sounds so cool! I haven't seen the movie, but I've seen pictures and a Winter Soldier costume would be so cool :D.

  12. Eeep, thanks for the tag! (and I love those questions and looking forward to answering them. :D) And oh oh I really want to read the Fairyland series! I read Deathless by the same author this year and it was so so good, so naturally I need to read all her books of ever. BRING IT ON. (And I excel at book buying too. Aren't we talented? OMG SO TALENTED.)😂

    1. You're welcome! AND YES READ IT. Deathless? I haven't heard of it - but if it's by the same author of the Fairyland series, I'll have to try it XD.
      YES, WE ARE THE MOST TALENTED. *highfive*

  13. So I just realised I NEVER ACTUALLY COMMENTED ON THIS?? For which folly, Savannah, I offer a thousand apologies. Very rude, considering you tagged me! But thank you so much for tagging! <3

    I never stop singing out loud either. At the moment it's the entire Hamilton soundtrack. Including the raps. #sorrynotsorry I also love cinnamon! And Christmas trees! Normally I try not to get excited about Christmas until December 1st, but I work in a big department store that is like THE PLACE for Christmas in the UK (so, I don't actually know where you're from. I looked in your About Me page but no luck. I'm afraid to say I, uh, always tend to assume other bloggers are American, because ... most bloggers are?? Also by using detective skills -- "favorite", no 'u', and American editions of HP. So that's where I'm at. I can't even remember why I started this parenthesis. Oh yes. Big department store in the UK). So I'm getting excited about Christmas! :D

    Anyway, thanks again for tagging me, Savannah! And for your kind comments @ Ink, Inc. <3

    1. That's fine! And YAY turns out I'm not the only one who sometimes freaks out when I realizes I've forgotten to comment on someone's post xD.

      OH GRACIOUS, I really want to go to this department store you work in. I love Christmas SO MUCH. But unfortunately I can't come to said department store, because I do live in America :(. OOH, SAME - I typically assume most bloggers are American :D. And you have the best stalker skills, just sayin'. *admires the skillz*

      You're welcome! I hope you have time to do it :D.


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