The Get To Know Me Tag

October 12, 2016

   I've had my blog for a whole month. What is this insanity?! *gives you candy for putting up with me for 30 days*
   I was not tagged for this. I do not care XD. Enjoy *nods*.

Vital Stats

Name: Savannah Grace *points to bio*.

Nickname: Savan (by my sisters), Savvy (by my cabinmates from Camp NaNo) and occasionally Elf-Friend (by my also-LotR-obssesed sister) *nods*.

Birthday: September 11 - the day before I started this blog.

Star Sign: Uh ... Scorpio? I think? Maybe? I don't really know *shrugs*.

Occupation: Writing, reading, staying up late, blogging, eating ice cream - oh, you mean a serious occupation? Well then,  none XD. 


Hair Color: Dark brown.

Hair Length: Uh ... *points at picture in bio*.

Eye Color: Brown.

Best Feature: (so, am I supposed to brag or something? Huh. *is unsure*) Well .., maybe my hair? My sister are always getting jealous about how thick it is. 

Braces: Nope.

Piercings: None - though my younger sister and I are going to get our ears pierced soon *nods*.

Tattoos: Also none.

Righty Or Lefty: Righty. I can't write (legibly) with my left hand to save my life.


Best Friend: ... I don't know. Typically all the friends I have are considered my best friends*nodnod*.

Award: Probably when I won first place in one of Tessa Emily Hall's writing challenges.

Sport: I HAVE TERRIBLE MEMORY, YOU GUYS. I don't remember XD. 

Real Holiday: Well, I was born in September, so ... Thanksgiving, I suppose? Unless you count Halloween. 

Concert: None. 


Movie: First of all, what kind of questions are these?! Second of all - every one of the Lord Of The Rings and Hobbit movies. 

What the movies make me feel like *nods*

Color: Light blue or certain shades of green.  

Song: (How about we just say current favorite? That works.) Most of Francesca Battistelli and For King And Country's stuff - I can't wait until it's December and I can start blasting the Christmas music! 

Shop: Anywhere I can get cheap books that are in good condition (I'll give you guys pics from my latest book haul in October's monthly review). 

Books: *stubbornly refuses to answer*

Shoes: Ballet flats and boots <3. The end.  


Feelings: A wee bit tired and way ready to curl up with a good book (but when do I not feel like that?) 

Single Or Taken: Single. Most definitely.  

Eating: Uh ... nothing? I can't really type and eat at the same time. 

Thinking About: (*whispers* you need to listen to this, by the way)

   Because my sister has it playing right now *shrugs*.   

Watching: Nothing. 

Wearing: Blue shirt, black running shorts. Casual stuff *shrugs*. 


Want Children: If that's part of God's plan for me!

Want To Be Married: *points to above answer* 

Careers In Mind: Something to do with writing, hopefully. It's what I love. 

Where You Want To Live: At the top of a grassy mountain where you can look down and see the clouds, where the birds are always singing and a breeze is always blowing. Preferably with a dragon and a few Pegasus.
Do You Believe In

God: Absolutely.

Miracles: Yup.

Love At First Sight: ... not really.  

Ghosts: No.

Aliens: Again, not really.    

Soul Mates: Copying this answer from Hosanna, because I think it works well *nods* = "I believe that God has the perfect person chosen for you (unless you are to remain single). Is that the same thing?"

Heaven: Yes. 

Hell: Well, they kinda go together. So yes. 

Kissing On The First Date: Uh, no. Just ... why?

Yourself: Yup - well, more in God working through me than myself. I can do whatever He gives me the power to do *nods*. 

*leaves this tag open for whoever wants to steal it, because I stole it*

~ Savannah Grace

   Where would you live, given the choice?


  1. Oh my. This post was SO FUN to read!! :D I enjoyed a look into what you're like and the things you do. To answer your question, I would love to live somewhere in the British Isles, with a horse, a unicorn, a pegasus, and a dragon. :)

    1. Thank you, Rebekah! Glad you enjoyed it *nods*. OOH, British Isles! Now I want to go there, too XD.

  2. Loved your answers. xD I've enjoyed seeing this tag pop up around the blogosphere - it's always fun to hear bloggers' answers to these basic questions so we can know more about them.

    1. Exactly why I did it - this is one of my favorite tags to see other people post (... which may or may not be why I made it a free-for-all tag ...) *nods*.

  3. *gasps at that quote at the end* SAVVY THAT LEGIT GAVE ME SHIVERS. I think I've seen it before, but IT'S SO AWESOME. Just-- *flails* It reminds me of A Time to Rise, actually. :)

    Really cool seeing all your answers to the questions!

    1. DOESN'T IT?! I love it so much <3. OOH, it does seem like something from one of Nadine's books! I can't believe A Time To Rise is releasing so soon! *is very excited*

  4. It was great to read all your answers and get to know you more! :) Where would I live? Hmmm gosh I honestly don't know. I feel like because I've grown up overseas I don't really know for certain where I want to live forever. But, I mean, if it's got dragons I am so there. XD

    1. Glad you enjoyed it, Melissa! You've grown up overseas? THAT IS THE COOLEST. And dragons make everything better (well, nice dragons, anyways XD).

  5. Lovely answers. :) I remember doing this tag (because I was most definately tagged to do it. For sure...) and having so much fun with it. Also, SO OBSESSED with that PianoGuys song. :)

    1. Thanks, Evangeline! I remember that post of your - which you were mostly definitely tagged for XD.
      YES that song! My sisters play it so much that I've just about got it memorized XD.

  6. First of all, congrats on having this blog for a month!!!! I looove my Savannah's blog! ^_^

    And, secondly, THIS TAG WAS SO FUN. Get-to-know-me tags and type things are always a blast to read.

    I love how your cabin mates nicknamed you Savvy. That is the greatest!!
    Eating ice cream--definitely an occupation I could get on top of!
    Ballet flats and books are where it's at! That's what I like to wear most as well.
    I WANT TO LIVE ON THAT GRASSY MOUNTAIN WITH DRAGONS. YESSSS. That sounds like perfect paradise!
    That answer for the soul mates one is perfection. I believe that too. *nods*

    This was too fun getting to know you even more! ^_^


      All the people in my cabin got nicknamed - it was super fun XD.

      ... I'm assuming you meant to write ballet flats and /boots/? (writers have the best ideas - I wouldn't put it past me to wear a book XD.). BUT YES. Those shoes rock *nods*.

      Glad you enjoyed this!

    2. *sneaks into comment* Yep. I got nicknamed Prill. xD It was the best.

    3. Bwahaha! Yes, I did mean BOOTS. But hey, I am liking this idea of wearing books! :O Because I need more ways to show my love for books. *grins*

      @Jane - Prill! That's so cute. How did that come about?

    4. Well, my username was 'Peace Rider Lydia' but that was waaay too long for everyone to say, so they went to 'PRL' but apparently one can't say that aloud so they added an 'i' and an 'l' to make it Prill. xD Ah...good times. :P

    5. Plus, Prill is just a really fun nickname. More fun than PRL :D.

      (ALSO I just remembered that I literally wore a book the other day - I have a shirt with a book printed onto it XD)

  7. Great post, Savannah! I loved your answers! I love ballet flats and boots too, even if I don't technically own any ballet flats. Well. . . except what I actually wear to dance class, which I don't think is what you mean. ;)

    You've had your blog for a month? Wow!

    And yes, you're hair is so pretty! I love your eyebrows too. I've loved your eyebrows for a long time--REALLY sorry if you find that weird.

    You're going to get your ears pierced?! Ooooh, I wanna' see pictures when you do! Which younger sister? Skylar?

    I'm surprised Sky or Ellen hasn't commented on the question about being single yet. ;)

    1. And boots are extra awesome because they make you feel more like Aragorn :D. Especially if you're wearing boots in the rain (not that I've had the chance to do this yet, BUT I TOTALLY WOULD *nods*)!

      Nope, not weird - I don't get weirded out by very much anymore :D. (and thank you!)

      WHOA, how did you guess it was Skylar?! (I changed my mind, maybe I DO get weirded out by some things :D) Yeah, it's her - we made an agreement that we'd go together. Neither of us remember WHEN we agreed to that, we just know it happened *shrugs*. I think Jaidyn's going to as well, but we're not sure.

      ... yeah, kinda odd ... :D


    2. Great post Savannah, it was really fun to read!!!!!
      Jaidyn Elise

    3. You told me you and Sky would go together. ;) You should do it, Jaidyn! (hint, hint. . .)

      Um. . . why in the rain? It rains at Helm's Deep--somewhere else too?

  8. I enjoyed reading your answers to this tag, who says you can't steal them right :), also that quote at the end :O

    1. Glad you liked the tag, Clare! And yeah, no one SAID I couldn't steal it XD.

  9. Awesome post, Savannah! I enjoyed reading it! :D LOTR and THE HOBBIT!!!! For the win! ;)

    1. Thanks, Morgan! YES - LotR and the Hobbit are the best *nods*.

  10. So fun to read! Hhhhmmm... If I got to pick where to live... Uganda. I loved it there, and all I want to do is love on the kiddos. =)

    1. Glad you liked it, Micaiah! Uganda sounds so cool :D.

  11. *laughing uncontrollably* *ROFL* *ROFL* *Can't stop laughing*
    Love at first sight?!?!?!!??!!? *cackle spasm*
    Kissing on your first date?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?! *dies laughing*
    *falls of chair because laughing too much*

    1. *reads Ellen's comment* *can't stop laughing*

      I thought you'd think something along those lines :D.

  12. This is such a fun way to get to know you!!!

  13. Wow, this tag has really expanded since I did it! I laughed when I saw "tattoos" and "piercings" on there... 'cause why would you ask that?!

    Anyway, this tag is a really fun way to get to know people. I enjoyed reading it! =)

    1. Glad you enjoyed this tag, Emily! It was super fun to do :D.


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