Purposeful Pages Link-Up: October Edition

October 3, 2016

   Guys, look at that title. Just look.
   HOW is it October, I ask you?! HOW?!

1. What is something (or who is someone) that has encouraged you to grow in your faith? 
   Definitely my friend Becca Rothfuss. She used to lead a Bible study that I was in for a few years, and she has helped my faith grow in more ways than one. 

left to right - myself, becca, hanna, and ariel

2. Has blogging showed a side of you that you normally don't see? 

   Oh yeah - in real life, I am definitely an introvert. You have to know me pretty well for me to actually open up. But on here, 'tis not so XD. 

3. What inspires your 'creative genius'? 

   Hmm. This is actually a pretty tough question, because if I really put my mind to it, mostly anything can inspire my creative genius (I mean it - my sister and I sat in the front yard and she challenged me to make stories out of things like blades of grass and the mailbox. It was fun.). But normally it's pictures like these ... 

4. Why do you write? 

   *throws all poetic-ness out the door* I write because I can't not write. Stories would build up in my head and I would simply explode.    

5. Your house is on fire, and you only have time to save one thing. Do you grab your hand-written manuscripts or your cat? 

   The manuscripts, pfft. Duh. I don't even have a cat, and if I did, that cat would be smart enough to get itself out of the house. Definitely. It's a CAT, people. Cats are smart (plus, I would want a wildcat, which means my cat would be really smart).     

   Something like that. Or a black panther *nods*. 

6. If you could ban any book, which one would it be, and why? 
   Huh. I haven't ever read any books that were bad enough for me to ban (why would I go around reading stuff like that?), so ... I suppose I'll skip this question *nods*. 

7. What is your Myer-Briggs personality type (if you know it), and what unique aspect of your personality makes you who you are? 

   I'm ISTP, and I think my introverted-ness makes up a big (though not entirely unique) part of my personality (a part that I really could do without, but ... it's part of me *shrugs*).

8. Did you have any 'breakthrough' point in your life, whether it had to do with writing, blogging, art, or anything else? If so, would you like to share? 

   Well, one of my writing breakthroughs was when I heard about the Rooglewood writing contests and my brain went 'you know what? you could actually get published someday' and so the rest of me responded with 'SHOOT FOR THE STARS!' So I'm still trying *nods*. 

9. Are there any hobbies that you have that don't fit the stereotypical you?   

   ... everything? Not ever sixteen year old is obsessed with writing and books and such - and really, I don't want to be stereotypical. What fun is that? XD

10. Even if you haven't written an official life purpose statement, can you tell us in a few sentences what you feel called to do with your life right now? 

   I feel like I've been given a gift for words. Maybe not a gift, but I've been given a real love for writing, and whether it's a gift or no, I'm going to use it. God doesn't give things like that without a reason, and I'm doing what I can with it. And I'll keep doing it until He shows me otherwise. 

<> <> <> <> 

~ Savannah Grace

   Okay, your turn - manuscripts or cat? 


  1. That last question. <3

    ... manuscript or cat? UM. :P My manuscripts aren't on paper, and I don't have a cat. xD

    Loved this linkup! ^_^

    1. Glad you liked my answer (and I just realized there was a typo in it XD)!

      YOU'VE NEVER WRITTEN A MANUSCRIPT BY HAND?! ... I actually don't know if I would recommend it or not *shrugs*. It's a lot harder, that's for sure, but it's SO fun. I've done first drafts by hand multiple times.

      Thanks! It was lots of fun :D.

    2. Augh. I hate it when I make typos in comments. Feel ya there. -.-

      NO, I HAVEN'T. I may try it one day, though.

  2. YES. HOOOOW IS IT OCTOBER??? Except I'm not TOO sad about it, because fall is my favorite season. BUT STILL. Where did this year GO?

    Pictures absolutely bring out my creativity as well! That's why I spend like 87% of my life on Pinterest. XD It's just so inspiring! (It's not that I use Pinterest to procrastinate. Noooo.)

    SO MUCH YES TO #4. I think my head would just burst if I couldn't write out the stories inside.

    I want a wildcat toooo. So gorgeous. o.o

    I love how you're shooting for the stars. Never, ever stop. I believe God HAS given you this gift and passion for words. Keep pursuing them. I know He has amazing plans for you. ^_^

    As for your question, all our cats stay outside. So they'd be safe. So can I change the question to my dog instead? Because my little poodle is my LIFE and I'd absolutely grab her, no matter what. Besides, all my stories are backed up online, so even if the house burned down I wouldn't lose them. XD Although I guess my first couple of stories I wrote when I was a tiny thing are written by hand... Heh. But still, my dog first!

    1. PLUS it means that Thanksgiving and Christmas are closer AND THEN I CAN PLAY CHRISTMAS MUSIC *is excited*.

      Definitely not procrastinating XD.

      Aren't they just? A pet wildcat would be the coolest thing.

      ACK, you're so sweet, Christine! And I don't plan to stop anytime soon XD. For as long as God keeps giving me plot bunnies, I'll keep writing them down *nods*.

      YES I suppose if I had my own Navi, I'd grab her, too XD.

  3. Firstly: I do not like cats, so the fact that I would have a cat in the first place is a definite no.

    Second: Carrying a NAS, Hard-disk and a bunch of notebooks will make sure I have no room for anything else. xD
    Although I think I'd make sure my family were all out of the house first. :P

    I. Really. Need. To. Plan. My. Novel. NOW. Before holidays and NaNo sneak up on me. IT'S WAY TO CLOSE ALREADY!!!

    1. WHA?! Jane Maree doesn't like cats. *is shocked* XD

      Haha, yeah it would XD. And family would definitely be a priority *nods*.

      YES so do I! But I think I might just go with NOT planning and figure stuff out when November first rolls around. We shall see ...

    2. Uh yeah...I may or may not have written a short story in which...cats were kinda...ahem...bad? *shrugs* They're not my favourite animals.

      I'm pretty sure I'd freak out if NaNo came and I had no idea what I was doing. So...I'm hoping to get a small idea at least. :)

  4. Manuscripts, of course!!! I don't even have a cat. But those manuscripts.... I WOULD DIE IF THEY WERE BURNED.

    Keep writing, and never stop! And absolutely, positively, continue shooting for the stars!


      Thank you so much, Micaiah! *hugs*

  5. Manuscripts, of course! I'm allergic to cats. :P

    1. Allergic to cats? Me too, actually XD. At least, I think I am. Keep me in the same room with one for an hour or so and I'll definitely start sneezing *nods*. BUT I STILL LOVE THEM <3.

  6. I can't believe it's October already either! Like, how even??

    I think you can learn more about introverts by reading what they write than talking to them. ;-) I'm so like that too!

    Manuscripts or cat? I'm with you, crazy author girl: totally the manuscripts. And oh my word, I want a big cat!! And there IS a black panther in The Jungle Book (hint, hint). . . ;-)

    And, Savannah? You most certainly have a gift for words. *exhibits well-worn pages of 'Hiding' and 'Killing Snow' as proof* I believe you have a gift, and you a love for it too, which is even better! Don't you DARE listen to anything that tells you you're not good at writing.

    1. Yeah, like, I just noticed how weird it was that you said you don't know if you have a gift for writing. SERIOUSLY. I think you need to take a look at your writing again. Look at your writing. See how very VERRRY gifted you are. There is no way ANYONE could doubt that you have a gift for writing. I'm serious. You are sooo very gifted at writing, and I'm so glad you're using that gift to glorify God!

    2. We're introverts until we all get together with Ellen XD.

      Big cats are awesomeness! *highfive* (*takes the hint* XD)

      AWW you guys are so NICE! *blushes* *hugs* I don't intend to stop writing anytime soon - I just don't know what I'd do with myself! *scampers away to write more*

    3. Yes, Ellen kinda' wipes the introvert out for a while. ;)

      Good. Watch it.

      Well, I don't know what I'd do with myself without your writing to read, so that works out well!

  7. I loved reading this! I do not have a cat. But whyyy could I not grab both my manuscript and my dogs?? I do have more than one hand!

    I love the picture of you and and your Bible study girls! So lovely <3

    PS Thanks so much for visiting Ink, Inc.!

    1. Thank you, Emily! Oooh, yeah, more than one hand ... huh. Guess you COULD technically grab both of them, then XD.

      You're welcome! I had fun :D.

  8. I'm the same way--an introvert in real life but a total extrovert online!

  9. I'VE HAD A LOT OF CATS IN MY LIFETIME AND I CAN DEFINITELY SAY "MANUSCRIPTS" WITHOUT A SECOND THOUGHT. (BUT LIKE YOU SAID THEY ARE SMART. They would totally get out on their own! *nod nod and pretend I'm not a heartless orb*) And wow yes to the introvert thing...I'm a major introvert (90% introverted according to the Myers-Briggs test! LOLOL) and I'm all bubbly and talkative online. IT IS MY OUTLET I SUPPOSE. <3

    "I write because I can't not write. Stories would build up in my head and I would simply explode." <<< THISSSSSSSSS. THIS IS ME. OMG. So much. *nods violently*


    1. 90% introverted? *highfive* See, THIS way you can edit your words before you say them. In real life, 'tis not so :D.

  10. Manuscript. My cat lives outside. The inside cat --- someone else would grab her first. But I'd also like a wildcat myself :).I've often been compared to a cat, not always as a compliment, and we get along pretty well.
    I write pretty much the same way --- it's the only way to relieve the pressure of an idea. Sadly, most people, if you tell them "I write because I can't not", will look at you like you've just sprouted a tail.
    I'm very introverted too, but I'm working on at least pretending to be more extroverted (it's hard work) as I try to grow my writer's following.

    1. Wildcats are awesomeness *nods*.

      Yup, otherwise ALL the story ideas would bubble over in my mind and I would loose half of them. After all the work I've gone through the get those ideas, I'd rather not lose them :D. Also, I could probably live with a tail - so long as it was a really cool tail *nods*.

      YES to trying to more extroverted! *highfive* I can relate with how hard that is.

  11. This is such a great link-up! Hmmm I think I'd have to trust my sister (the resident animal-lover) to save the cat, while I'd grab my laptop. All my stories are on my laptop. XD
    Great post!

    1. Thanks, Melissa! Well, good - then both your cat and your precious stories are perfectly safe :D.


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