Monthly Highlights - October 2016

October 31, 2016

I'm so glad I live in a world that has Octobers.
~ Anne Of Green Gables ~   

   Just had to say that *nods*.

   My October was insane. In all the best ways (I think this has been one of my favorite months this year!) but still insane. Which means it should be quite fun to write about *nods*.

   - Had our awesome friends over to hang out - which resulted in me getting my hair curled and then climbing trees (and jumping out of them - my face nearly met the ground on that one). 'Twas fun XD.

   - Going to Vala's Pumpkin Patch, which was pretty fun. Except for when it started raining lemondrops and gumdrops at the end. I got wet, just sayin'. We went to another pumpkin patch later in the month with relatives that were in town, which was also fun.    

   - Celebrated my little sister's second birthday (I love her so much <3) and my younger sister's golden birthday (which was tons of fun!

   - Had relatives from Arkansas over for a week, which was basically the best part of this month. I was so sad when the had to leave :(. But we had a blast while they were here - going to the zoo, a pumpkin patch, a trunk-or-treat, lots of fun stuff *nods*.

photo credit goes to Ariel

   - Shared my first bit of story-writing on here with you guys (10 Till Midnight)

   - Plotting for NaNoWriMo. Or - more like ... thinking about plotting for NaNo. I'm too lazy for that stuff (plus I feel like I kill the idea by planning it, so ...). I'm pantsing NaNoWriMo XD.

   - Did multiple lead-up-to-NaNo posts, which were super fun. Those were some of my favorites posts I wrote this month *nods*.  

   - Collected pictures for NaNo. Started a journal for NaNoWriMo 2016 (in a Harry Potter notebook, so bonus points for that). Made a collage for my story and set it as the background on my computer. BASICALLY EVERYTHING NANOWRIMO. The end.

Ze collage. 

Four of the books I read wouldn't fit on the collage, but oh well *shrugs*.

   Look, I actually kept track of them this month! Awesome *nods*. AND with how many books I read this month I can't tell you about all of them - but I will give you my thoughts of a few of them.

   - (whole series) The Hunger Games (hy Suzanne Collins) OH, my goodness. You guys. I don't know why I waited so long to read these books! It was an amazing series and I whizzed through the first book in just one day (plus I own it, and it looks awesome on my shelf). I think that the second book, Catching Fire, was my favorite. Mockingay, which I still loved, was probably my least favorite. Mostly because I got confused around the climax. It was confusing. ANYWAYS. Hunger Games got 4 stars, Catching Fire got 4 1/2, and Mockingjay got 4.

   - Stars Above + Cress (by Marissa Meyer) Stars Above is an adorable book that is a companion to the Lunar Chronicles series - I loved reading it! All the short stories were so fun to read (the last one was my favorite, just saying XD). And CRESS! I might have sorta kinda skimmed this book on my first time through (mostly because I really wanted to read Winter), but then I got yelled at for not fully reading it (Cress fangirls, you guys. Scary people *nods*) and so I skipped off to pick it up again. IT WAS EPIC. I can't believe I skimmed it the first time. Stars Above got 4 stars, and Cress got 4 1/2.

   - The Girl Who Fell Under Fairyland And Led The Revels There (by Catherynne M. Valente) THIS SERIES, YOU GUYS. I read the entire series this month (minus the first book, which is *takes a deep breath* The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland In A Ship Of Her Own Making. I read that one last month ... I think) and I LOVED it. The whole series had the feel of a slightly darker Alice In Wonderland, which was SO much fun. And the ENDING! Guys, I'm so picky about how a series ends. And this one ended PERFECTLY. I could rave for a lot longer, but I should probably stop XD. Anyways. I would tell you how many stars each book in this series got ... but do you see the title? They're all like that. I'm not typing them all out. I'd give the whole series about 4 1/2 stars.

   - Savvy (Ingrid Law) I originally picked up this book just for the name (I have a friend who calls me Savvy a lot *nods*) but it turned out to be really good! The writing and the plot were both a lot better than I thought they would be, so I ended up giving this one 4 stars. Quite a happy surprise! 

   - Six Of Crows (Leigh Barduro) Honestly, I picked this one up because of all the hype. And really? It didn't live up to the hype. I felt like I was having to shovel through the first half-or-so of the book. But I kept going because I wanted to tell you guys what I thought of it by the end. Over halfway through the story it got a little better, but I'm going to give it 2 stars. Not sure if I'm going to give the second book in the series a chance or not.

   ALSO I won a giveaway for a box set of the Lord Of The Rings series at the end of September (all the happiness!) and the books look gorgeous on my shelf. Thank you so much, Deborah! (and go check out her blog, she is epic *nods*)

   And the there was the books haul. The very, very large book haul. I think I got, like ... maybe fifteen books? I can't even remember XD. And then I got these epic boxes that look like books - here, I'll show you a picture of some of the stuff.

   SO the other books didn't want to fit in the picture (they are finicky), so you get pictures of these ones. I finally (finally!) found myself a cute little copy of The Hobbit + a hardcover of Anne Of Green Gables + the purple book box + all the other lovely things *nods*.    

   - The Q&A Tag. Second tag this month - 'twas fun.  

   - 8 Days To NaNo - My Thoughts. Me and my brain and fingers don't agree when it comes to NaNo. We had an interesting conversation. 

   - 5 Things I Learned In Europe - Guest Post By Micaiah Saldana. My lovely friend agreed to do a guest post for me!

   - 10 Till Midnight - Spooky Story Challenge. The first piece of my actual 'story-writing' that I've made public. 0.0

   - 18 Days To NaNo - My Plan. Yup. I spilled all my secrets. Go read the secrets.

   - The Get To Know Me Tag. Self explanatory *nods*.

   - Beautiful Books 2016 - Introduce Your Novel, where I spill not-so-much about my stories because I'm pantsing NaNoWriMo.

   - Interview With Authoress Tessa Emily Hall ... I feel like the title speaks for itself on this one.

   - Purposeful Pages Linkup - October Edition, in which it is somehow October. Go figure.

   - Katie Grace shared about her NaNoWriMo novel, Where The Shadows Lie, which sounds like it's going to be ah-mazing.     
   - Hannah White wrote an epic post about not being able to ruin your story that I SO needed to read.

   - Deborah O' Carroll also shared her NaNoWriMo novel, The Library In The Stars. I need to have this book *nods*.

   - Nadine Brandes wrote about 10 bookish items for your writing space. I need them all, oh yes.

-- Last month's goals --

   - Thirty followers. *blinks* Somehow that happened. Thank you to all my wonderful followers!

   - Plotting my NaNoWriMo novels. Eh ... nope. I have surrendered to the insanity that is pantsing NaNoWriMo *raises white flag*.

    - Turn one of my poems into a song. So this didn't work out. But October was a whirlwind, so I totally have an excuse *nods*. 

-- This month's goals -- 

   - ACE NANOWRIMO. That is the only goal. The most insane goal. I can do this. You can do this. We'll all do this! *highfive*  *passes around the ice cream* Oh wait, one more goal ...

   - No requesting library books. This will be so insanely hard. I mean, did you guys see how many books I read this month? It was a lot. And now (since big nasty NaNo decided to barge in) I'M NOT GOING TO REQUEST ANY MORE IN NOVEMBER. The only library books I'll get are the ones I already have waiting. We'll see if this goal gets met or not XD. 

   And that was my insane October. I don't know how the next month could be any more crazy, but I bet it will be. If I don't survive, blame NaNoWriMo XD. See you guys in November! 

~ Savannah Grace

   How was your October? Did you do much NaNo - prepping (are you NaNo-ers freaking out about tomorrow?!)? What was your favorite book you read? What are some books I should read in November? (I need suggestions!)


  1. Okay but how on earth did you read all of those books? O.O Good luck with NaNo though! :D

    1. I have special reading superpowers XD.
      Thanks - good luck to you, too! (awesome job hitting 7k, by the way)

    2. LOl... that's what I need to say when I get that question- "I have special reading superpowers". xD Although I must say that your month's total is quite impressive (and this is coming from a fellow super-reader :P)

    3. It's pretty easy to get away with XD. Thanks, Emily!

  2. alsdjfalkfj SAVANNAH. How on this blessed earth did you manage to read TWENTY-NINE books? Dude. Wut. o.o *cannot even type* GOODNESS GRACIOUS, GIRL.

    Sounds like you had a lovely October! Mine went by super fast, as did every month this year so far.

    Ha, I love how you're just embracing your pantser-self. xD GIVE ME YOUR NO-PLANNING SECRETS. But actually no because I like planning. xD I have a full outline now, which I actually didn't think I would be able to manage! :D So I'm super hyped, but also scared, because I just really have high hopes for NaNo. (yes, I'm very, very scared - like stomach-churning scared. why is this a thing? I'm excited!)

    Also dude your collages are so pretty. If you don't have Pinterest, where do you find all those amazing pictures? o.o

    1. I READ LOTS XD. Trust me, that's going to change in November - there shall be much more word-ing than reading *nods*. *scowls at the pile of books that still wishes to be read*

      I'm both excited and scared O.O. Especially since The Game decided that it doesn't want to be written anymore. I think I might switch stories if it doesn't work itself out in the next few days. We'll see.

      THANK YOU. I mostly see the pictures when I'm hoping around the blogosphere, and then bookmark them because something in my brain says I'll need them later *nods*. (my brain is SO weird sometimes. Like, I didn't even know why I needed those pictures when I bookmarked them awhile back.)


    I'm so excited for NaNoWriMo.

    I HAVE SO MANY BOOKS TO SUGGEST, but first: I have a post suggestion (which, clearly you don't have to do it, but I'm curious about it). I want to know your stance on...content (swearing, violence, and other material) in books and such.

    1. Yeah, my little sister and I read them together when we were younger. I decided it was time to do it again :D.

      Ooh, that's a good idea! I might do that sometimes *nods*. (when I'm not SO INSANELY busy, that is. NaNo, Thanksgiving, Christmas, LIFE ... *suddenly realizes just how busy I'm going to be and is nervous* XD)

  4. Oh my those LotR books are SO EPIC. And I've also got to mention that when I saw the book title 'Savvy' I wondered if that had anything the do with why you read it. ;p

    NaNo has officially started for me. And it's terrifyingly awesome. xD I've written 2k words in the last hour. THIS IS GOING TO HAPPEN SAVVY. WE SHALL DO IT. *has a pizza party*

    1. They ARE epic! Yup, that's why - I saw the title and pretty much knew I had to have it XD.

      2k in an hour 0.0. YOU ARE AMAZING, JANE. GREAT JOB! *gobbles much pizza*

  5. Okay, so is this what being homeschooled is about? Cuz if so, I missed out on my high school life :( XD Anywho, October was stressful thanks to midterms, but thank God, I went through it! I just learn one of my classes was cancelled tomorrow so you already know what I'm gonna do on November 1st *raises fist in the air*

    1. Haha, pretty much XD. School is tough sometimes (especially math and science), but it's also kind of fun. Plus I'm with my sisters all the time and we can always make each other laugh, so that's great :D.

      YAY YOU FOR GETTING THROUGH MIDTERMS! *highfives and much candy*. Go conquer those words, Taisha!

  6. That is a great list of books you conquered! And NaNo is tomorrow!!! *hides in a cave* Though I can't wait to begin. :) Who are you on NaNo? I'm smb.

    1. I'm Savannah Grace on the NaNo site - easy for me to remember XD. (I'm notorious for being forgetful *nods*)

  7. YOU FINALLY READ THE HUNGER GAMES YYYEEESSSS!!!!! Yeah, Mockingjay wasn't my fave either. The first and second are the best, same goes for the movies if you watch them. Which I highly recommend.

    Hhhmmmm..... You must read the Raleigh Harmon mysteries (teen versions, start with Stone and Spark) by Sibella Giorello. So good! Fantasy wise, try the Door Within Trilogy if you haven't, written by Wayne Thomas Batson.

    1. YES I DID, I DID! I loved them so much XD. I own two of the books now (and I love my hardcover of Mockingjay - though I could be biased because it's a shade of blue :D). And I'll have to convince my sisters that we need to watch the movies at some point *nods*.

      I really enjoyed the Door Within Trilogy! I think the author could have gone easier on exclamation marks (but I'm a stickler when it comes to those, so ... XD), but it was a fun read *nods*. And I'll have to check out those other books you mentioned, thanks!

  8. I love that Anne quote because it's so truuuue! October is one of my most FAVORITE months of the year. It may BE my favorite month.

    Wow, it does look like your October was insane in the best of ways. So much activity! Looks like you had a ton of fun! :D

    "BASICALLY EVERYTHING NANOWRIMO. The end." <---Literally my life right now. XD


    And it looks like such a wonderful collection of books! THE HUNGER GAMES TRILOGY. I've read that trilogy 5 times... *cough* I may be a smidge obsessed. BUT THEY'RE SO GOOD. And wasn't Cress AMAZING??? I shouldn't be one of those people who says I told you so buuuut I TOLD YOU SO. :P Okay, okay. I'm just messing with you. It WAS really big. But I'm so happy you decided to go back and read it! ^_^ Also Stars Above! LOVED IT. That last story. *happy sigh*

    I've been wanting to try those Fairyland books for the longest! (Even if their titles are a bit ridiculous. XD) I must try them!

    BUT THOSE BOOK PICS. <33333 I could stare at them all day. SO MUCH PRETTY.

    Okay, if I don't stop I'll sit here and fangirl incoherently about books all day. I need to stop. But before I do...


    I hope you have the BEST NaNo! It's gonna be awesome! *fistpump*

    1. Isn't it?! Everything feels so adventurous in October :D.

      ONE?! Poor Christine :(. *hands you extra books* *BUT DON'T READ THEM IN NOVEMBER* I may have read a lot more than I wrote XD. THIS SHALL CHANGE IN NOVEMBER. *charges off to write more NaNo words*

      CRESS WAS AMAZING. You have every right to say I told you so (that part of your comment MAY have cracked me up XD). YES, the last story! It was SO good :D.

      Their titles are ridiculous, yes XD. But try them, try them! They're definitely not everyone's book (they are very odd, but I thought they were fun :D), but you might enjoy them *nods*.

      THANK YOU! They were so fun to take.

      But fangirling about books all day is what keeps us ALIVE. I need to fangirl about books and things at least once a day XD.

      WE SHALL DESTROY THE WORDS! *fistbump* *races off to defeat NaNo with you*

  9. Busy and have to work on NaNoWriMo last minute prep stuff, but: I answered your question for my q&a on my blog! You may want to check that out?

    xoxo Morning

    P.S. Also thank you for nominating me last post XD

    1. You did? Cool, thank you! :D I'll have to go check that out ...

      (you're welcome!)


    Also I adore the pic of your LOTR boxed set!! :D

    Good luck with NaNo! I know you'll do awesome! ^_^

    1. I DON'T KNOOOW. I was putting the list together and my brain kind of exploded. Like ... I didn't think I read THAT many O.O.

      Thank you! I was pretty excited when they arrived XD.

      WE CAN DO THIS, DEBORAH!! *begins to scribble madly*

  11. Great post! I've always loved your monthly reviews. =)
    Look at that collaaaaage...*drools* You did a masterful job! I CANNOT WAIT TO READ 'THE GAME'.
    And AHHH those book pictures!! Seriously, I had no clue you were so good at that!! You did a great job!
    Farewell, my friend, I shall see you after NaNo...XD

    1. Thanks, Ariel!

      I have WAY too much fun with my collages *nods*. Like ... I spent an hour or so collecting pictures + putting them together + all that stuff O.O. I shouldn't have done that XD.

      See you after NaNo, unless I die. *nods* *scurries off to my Hobbit Hole to write*

    2. You're most welcome!
      AN HOUR?! Okay, now you're officially insane. XD
      Well, okay...bye...*smiles nervously*

  12. Whoa girl. You're amazing. Keep it up!!!!

  13. AGH I'M SO GLAD YOU LIKED CRESS. :D The Lunar Chronicles is like my favorite series ever. <3 And yes, I agree the last story in Stars Above is the best of them all. :)

    Hope you're doing well at NaNo so far! :)

    1. I'm so glad that I was convinced to re-read it! It was SO good :D.

      I'm doing pretty well - getting ready to switch novels (my first one didn't work out *pouts*) so we'll see what happens.

  14. LOVE the LOTR book photograph!!! <3 SO pretty!!!

    I tagged you over on my blog if you'd like to do it. No pressure! :D I hope you have an awesome weekend, my friend!

    1. Thank you, Morgan! I'm so glad I own those books now :D.

      *reads your post* Oh, that looks like such a fun tag! I love all thing Fall related :D. Thanks for tagging me, Morgan! <3

  15. LET'S ROCK NANO!!!!!!!

    I totally agree with you about Hunger Games haha. Catching Fire was definitely my favorite, and frankly I didn't like Mockingjay. XD

    1. That, Grace Anne, is an epic idea *nodnod*. LET'S ROCK NANO *highfive*.

  16. DUDE 20 BOOKS GO YOU. And I'm glad to see the Books of Elsewhere on there! I started reading them this year (though... never finished them. I need to that.), since I met the author. (the author only lives close(ish) to me and it's cool)

    YOU CAN DO NANOWRIMO. I keep stalking your progress on NaNo and you're doing well so far!

    And I'm glad I'm not the only one who didn't like Six of Crows. I just... don't get all the hype about it. BUT YET EVERYONE LOVES IT UGH.

    Thanks for linking to my post! :)

    katie grace
    a writer's faith


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